Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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It's a question you've been asking us for a little while now. And, based on all the posts, emails, petitions, and letters we received following the announcement that the Insane in the Membrane achievement would no longer be in available in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we started to wonder if maybe we had gone a bit loco.

So, we went back to the drawing board. After carefully reviewing all the feedback and discussing the matter amongst ourselves, we're now happy to report that we will be making the following changes to the Feat of Strength:

  • Exalted reputation with Shen'dralar will no longer be required. As this is the only reputation that will be unobtainable in Cataclysm, we've simply decided to remove it as a requirement.

    For those who already earned Exalted reputation with this faction, don't worry -- we haven't forgotten about your accomplishments. In a future patch, we'll be adding in a separate Feat of Strength to recognize your deep love of Dire Maul.

  • Bloodsail Buccaneer faction reputation will remain in-game. Also, to ensure that this change does not negatively affect Cataclysm quest progression in Stranglethorn Vale, Booty Bay Bruisers will now provide reputation up through Exalted.

This will ensure that players will still be able to attain Insane in the Membrane and "The Insane" title in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Please note, however, that these changes will not take effect until The Shattering in patch 4.0.3a -- excluding the separate "Exalted with Shen'dralar" feat, which will be introduced in a future, but currently-undetermined patch.

And, of course, those who are already Insane in the Membrane will retain their title and current Feat of Strength. Shine on, you crazy diamonds."

So, I still have a chance to get Insane in the Membrane?!?! And I can potentially get exalted with the pirates and Steamwheedle? /UBERHAPPYDANCE!!!

Saz the Insane...has a nice, albeit ridiculous, ring to it. 

Ravenholdt will still be a pain in the bottom (gotta get my Rogue leveled!), as will Darkmoon Faire, buuuut...I still have a chance! 

This day is a happy one!!!


  1. It's a relief to hear that Booty Bay will finally increase rep to exalted with Bloodsail! Farming that one guy in Badlands really isn't my cup of tea!

    Kinda bummed about Dire Maul, though. I've been wanting to finish the grind with Shen'dralar after coming this far.

  2. I fully agree. I had been looking at the Bloodsail rep and how some folks were actually spending months camping just that one mob to hit exalted with them. This change is definitely welcome! Not only that, but I was kind of panicking about being able to return in time to be able to acquire the Bloodsail Admiral alone. Now the option remains that I can still get Insane as well? Oh yes, I am one happy little shaman ; )

    It is sad to see Dire Maul go. Luckily (or perhaps unfortunately) I hadn't begun the rep with Shen'dralar. I'm having a bit of a mixed feeling on it though...relief that I don't have to suffer through that part of the insanity for the title, but kind of sad at the same time that I won't be able to experience the pain of it.