Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tier 11

Edit: Now available here at WoS, a full Tier 11 list, complete with images and links!

Here is a preview on some of the tier sets and my opinions on them.

Here we have the Shaman Tier 11 set. Uh...I think we look like Rogues. Wasn't there an old Rogue set that had the spiky shoulders like that? I mean, yeah, it looks cool, I'll happily sport it, but definitely not..Shamany. I'm kind of sad, especially after Tier 10 being so epic.

This is the Druid set. I love the blue one, and I love the visuals that this set gives off. I can't wait to get my Druid into this Tier set, no lies!

I don't have a high level Mage. I don't plan on having a high level Mage. But this? This set?! Absolutely epic! This really looks more like Warlock tier to me, and it's certainly not Magey in any way, but it's a very sick looking set. Out of all the tiers that I've seen thus far, this is definitely my favorite. Mages, be prepared to see a little Draenei following you around, I will be stal...mmm, observing you in an approving manner.

Perhaps at a later time I'll just do a post on all the new tier sets and do reviews, but for now with my limited time, this is what you get : P

So, better post coming soon? Yes, I think so.


We all have them to some extent. We use them to distract ourselves from real life, or to simply pass the time. Some are casual, some obsessive, and some become our daily jobs if we're so lucky. That's right, I'm talking about our hobbies.

Chances are that if you're reading this blog right now, we have a common hobby: World of Warcraft. That, or you know me in real life and are nosy enough to come look at my blog. It's probably pretty safe to say that WoW is one of the more, if not most, popular online least in the gaming world. It's quite the amazing online community in itself, there's no debate about that. In game it supports the casual player, the hardcore raiding maniac, the role player, the tear-your-face-off PvPer, the problem solver, the leader, the follower, the team player, the lone wolf, the collector, the spender, the buyer, the...well, you get the picture. No matter your play style chances are pretty good that you'll find something that you can have fun with.

Just outside of the game though there exists even more hobbies, all just based off this one little online game. You have song writers, singers, movie makers, in-game photographers (as I like to refer to those of us who are screen shot shutter bugs), blog writers, number crunchers, painters (all art mediums really...paint, digital, pencil, charcoal, whatever), sculptors, and of course there's the millions of people who simply support those who I just mentioned.

Okay, so World of Warcraft not only provides entertainment through a variety of play styles in game, creative stimulation for a large variety of artists, but it also revolves around a huge social community. While I'm a huge fan of both the game play and of the inspiration that WoW gives, I must say that it's the social community itself that keeps me coming back to this game. In my neck of the woods, the only way to really meet new people is either through work, or at a bar. Well, I'm out of the former, and really not into the latter, so WoW for me personally has been quite the social outlet. It's honestly made it possible for me to meet and become friends with people who I may have completely looked over had I met them in real life.

WoW has such a terrible stigma with the general non-gaming public. It's viewed as addictive and unhealthy. While to an extent this may be true...yes, it is addictive, what hobby isn't addictive though? Some people work out a ton, some drink, some build hundreds of bird houses. Perhaps it is unhealthy, at least to those who never bother to leave their computer chair, who never bother to shower, or live primarily on hot pockets...but for those who embrace this game while actually taking care of themselves, I think WoW has some very positive things to share with the world of online gaming, whether that was its original intent or not.

I love World of Warcraft. It's my current favorite hobby. I'll take my nerdy online friends over your obsession with building bird houses and bar trolling any day ^_^

What the...

This here is the new druid Tree of Life form.

Uh...they took away the lovable grumpy tree form for this? Now, don't get me wrong...I don't have a whole lot of room to complain since I'm mainly feral, but I have gone resto from time to time. Gone are the days where I could grind instances for badges, angerly waddling around in circles, spamming my HoTs. No more epic ass-tentacle shaking dance, no more heart breaking /cry emote.

Blizz, what did you do to the life giving druids?!?! Whyyyyy!!!!


Damn, I'm glad to be feral.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Patch 4.0.1

Ahhhh patch day. How I look forward to all of your changes, yet dread how much space you take up.

That's right, today is officially patch day. The new talents system goes live, as does reforging, the changing of stats (ArP -> Crit, Sp -> Int, etc), our spell books will look completely different, we can track multiple things now, and our new glyph system will come into play...along with a very nice list of other things that are being implemented.

While this is all incredibly exciting (really, I think as soon as I can I'm going to go pet farming on my hunter), I'm sitting here wondering about what I can strip from my laptop's memory in order to fit this rather hefty patch. Most of my images have been backed up, so I could easily dump most of that, but I doubt that alone won't come close to giving me the space this patch may require. So far I've pulled out Warcraft III and Warcraft: Frozen Throne (I was nearly finished with Frozen Throne >.<), and even that hasn't given me enough download room. Microsoft Office, I think you're next. Back to the days of relying on Notebook! Sigh. I wonder if there's anyone else who runs on horribly outdated machines (not by choice) that are having to scramble to try to find somewhere to put these epic new changes. Ah well, such is life!

In other news, I'm still online (obviously) and this has let me do a few things. For one, I've been tinkering a bit with Project Jenesee. I haven't been doing any writing in the past few days, but I have kind of worked out how I'd make Jenesee and her sister, Gypsy, look for the story. I'm not 100% on their gear yet, and that may change later on depending on the different gear/gear sets I come across, but I am rather sure on how they look facially in game at least. I've also managed to get Gypsim up to the massive level of 5 in my free time, so I'll have a rather useless armory link up for her in the Jenesee blog soonish! In hindsight I almost wish that I had rolled these two on a role playing server just for interaction with other characters, but Hyjal was just too convenient. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more work done on these two prior to having to finally go offline.

So yeah, babbling. I do it a lot.

Here are the current images of Jenesee and Gypsy. Think more of later on in the storyline, where the actual juicy and entertaining bits will finally come into play!

I really love both of these item sets. I may go for an old(er) school set of 'lock tier for Gypsy, but for now the current tier 10 works well for her I think. I'm sure the gear will change as the story progresses, but for now these are my "official" placeholders, I guess you could say.

Yes, they're gingers. Learn to love it! How can you have a warlock that isn't a ginger? (Ginger love!!!)

*Ahem* Anyways...yeeeah! Hopefully if all goes well, more on the Scepter quest line later on tonight! If not, well, just know that I will be a sad panda. A very, very sad panda. Those book pieces are reeeeally heavy, and by that I mean they take up too much space in my already limited inventory after all. That, and I'd love to see the end of this quest line, pronto ; )

Okay, enough almost pointless babble. Time to strip! that I meant this laptop. Dirty people.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Old School Screenshots

Last night was another one of those nights where I got to sit around and bullshit about the good old days with some of my oldest and dearest WoW friends. This got me to thinking about my old screen shots (I pretty much have a whole library documenting my WoW experience, minus a few months due to computer issues), and I managed to get the ol' external hard drive up and running. I was expecting to find just old Wrath raid photos, but instead I ended up finding baby Saz photos too!! I figured I'd share some of them here, not only because I think it's cool, but I'm sure that it'll be six months again before I steal the power cord from the internet router to make the external hard drive work again, and I'm sure this laptop will probably die on me in that time : P

Anyways, on to the photos!

 Quest line for my water totem, I think.
Yeah, I used to rock that mask ; )
 Drinking by the moonlight in the Wetlands.
 I lived in Ghost Wolf form.
Zangarmarsh! One of my more favorite zones.
After defeating Illidan in Black Temple. Rockin' the miss matched T7 set, and my new lvl 70 dagger.
In Stratholme farming for the mount. Full T7.5 sexiness.
This last shot really makes me miss my Mac. To run freely in Dalaran again! And to have addons too! 

So yeah, finding these really made me happy.They brought back some memories, but good and bad (more of the former and less of the latter, thankfully). These screenshots really make me think back on the last two expansions...what I've experienced, the people I've met, how much things have changed (or in some cases, haven't). I think it's definitely a good thing to reflect back on things now and again, just so you can take note of past mistakes so that you don't end up making them again.These photos kind of do that for me.

While I didn't get to experience a whole lot of Burning Crusade raiding/BG wise, that expansion still holds a ton of memories for me. Wrath of the Lich King has likewise held a ton of memories for me, through raiding, guilds, and even making some pretty damn good friends through just a little bit of mild PvP. I'm really interested in seeing what Cataclysm will bring.

I'm really looking forward to the fresh start on many different levels.


G4's The MMO Report kind of made me giggle a bit. It's also the MMO Report that I've been waiting on for months now about Cataclysm's release date, but of course I've known for quite a few days now thanks to WoWInsider. I'm kind of enticed by Star Wars: Old Republic despite the fact that I've never been a huge Star Wars fan...perhaps I'll give it a go eventually, just to shake things up a bit.

I saw this video a while back on some of the zone and graphic changes happening in WoW. I'd also recommend checking out Reznik's other videos. He seems to do a lot of, erm, exploiting (which I do not recommend doing), so if you've ever been curious about how GM Island really looks, or what it's like in the unfinished version of the Emerald Dream, take a look at this guy's profile.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of WoW based music. By WoW based I mean that this music is written and/or performed by actual factual WoW players. Some specialize in parodies, some do original works. While I've been a fan of Gigi and Nyhm for quite some time now, lately I've really been getting into Abandonation and especially Sharm. Check these guys out. If you enjoy WoW related media, these folks shouldn't disappoint!

Eventually I'd really like to get into machinima. What is machinima? Well, it's more or less you taking WoW (it's scenery, characters, etc) and turning it into a video. This video may be a music video, or it may have a story base to it much like a normal movie would. There are many talented machinima artists out there, but my current favorite is Quix0tica. Definitely have a look at her work if you're at all interested in WoW machinima.

For a full list of my current youtube favorites, head over here. I'm always looking for new inspiration, so if you have anyone new for me to check out, let me know! And yes, that is my youtube page...hopefully sometime in the next few months it'll contain videos that aren't just favorites, but actually made by me.

Project Update
- Milly has a voice, and it's cute! Hopefully she'll be making her official debut in the next month or so.
- Jenesee didn't get any work done on her today, and possibly won't see any further progress tomorrow either. Updates on her may need to wait a few weeks, depending on how long I'm offline for.
- That's it for right this second. The list may look short, but it's keeping me busy! I'm rather excited about these two projects, and I can't wait to see them develop and see the finished products.

That's all for now!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

In Game Changes

I feel like jabbering about some of the upcoming in game changes that are about to happen. Now keep in mind while you read my rambling that I am not a huge number person. Never have been, never will be...numbers and I just aren't huge pals. We associate out of necessity, but we don't get along too well. If you're the type of person to run Sims and that always does the number crunching in order to get the most out of your character, that's cool. I've always been more of the type that goes with my gut on how my set up is performing, and which direction I should go in order to improve my DPS (or on the occasion heals and tanking too).

Now, today Totem Talk put up this post on the upcoming changes that will be effecting Enhancement Shaman. There's not a ton of huuuge ones, save for the changes to Searing Totem and Lava Lash, but the one that's slightly bothered me was the fact that we're going to be stacking Agility. Now, anyone who's known me for any amount of time, and has looked at my gear, has known that I've been an Agi stacker for most of this expansion. Yes, even though for the longest time AP, AP/Haste, or pure Haste were the fads. I loved my Agi. I even had a few Haste gems in there just to be able to keep up, but most of my red sockets had my beloved Agility in there somewhere. A month or so ago I finally started to play around on Rawr. I knew that I was over the melee crit cap once I had a proc or two pop (unbuffed), so I started to tinker with the idea of going more of an AP and heavy Haste route. This had Sim'd out pretty decently, and showed a rather decent increase in potential DPS numbers. Convinced that this would help improve my in game DPS (I was looking for a few new pretty numbers, since raiding has become something on the far back burner due to computer issues, and I was feeling adventurous), I spent the money to get AP/Haste and Haste gems. Honestly, I wasn't floored by the results any, and almost feels as if though I've had a DPS decrease, instead of the apparent increase I was supposed to have. Now I find out that we'll be stacking Agility once again thanks to Attack Powers more or less demise in the gemming world, and I'm kind of sad that I had diverted from what I've always preferred. Oh well I suppose. At least I have Armor Pen being converted into Crit to look forward to!! Yes, I'm verrrrry excited about this. I can finally stop being so damn picky about gear!

RIP Magma Totem, hello to Searing being useful, and new talent trees!!! (Indoor Ghost Wolf, I approve.)

Also on the note of change, I'm looking forward to and yet a bit saddened to see ArP going away for my Druid. Armor Penetration was such a delicious stat as a Feral cat. She's currently ArP capped with her trinket proccing, so despite her not being geared to the teeth, she pulls some rather nice numbers. Thankfully she only has 5 gems that will need switching once this next patch goes live, but it will still be a bit of a sad day.

Upside of this incoming patch though for cats is Skull Bash. An instant interrupt that doesn't require combo points like Maim?!?! Thank you Blizz!!! While this has some nice practical uses in PvE, I can see this being incredibly useful in PvP. I'm really hoping that I have some luck with my computer issues soon, because I really can't wait to be able to hit the battlegrounds and Skull Bash some fools in.

The cat feral druids don't seem to have a whole lot of change coming up in this next patch, save for easier talent trees (sooo much easier than the mess we had before, trying to sort which were cat talents, which were bear, which were useful to both, etc). The only change that I may find strange at first is the fact that Savage Roar is apparently not so much of a priority. This will be a rather hard, yet somewhat welcome, habit to break. Honestly, I've been playing a little Rogue lately, and I keep wanting to use Savage Roar. Yes, it really is that much of an obsessive habit. I really like how that even though they're dumbing down talent trees a bit, the Feral Cat will still be the king of juggling bleed timers and energy. I think my biggest love of cat DPS comes from its complexity, and from the fact that if you can master this complexity, you do very well as a cat. If you don't, you often find yourself going Resto or Boomkin.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with kitty DPS, here's a handy chart.

It's really not all THAT hard ;  )

As far as other class changes are concerned, I've really only peaked at a few changes. The new Shadow/Disco changes for Priests look kinda fun. Learning how to use Hunter focus may be something I save for a really rainy day (though come on bigger stables! I want an army of Hunter pets!!!). Warlock changes are...interesting. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the new Demonology set up, so I might end up going back to Affliction. I may end up tinkering with my Warlock once I get the Shaman and Druid settled.

So yes, a lot is changing, yet just enough is staying the same to help make at least a few things seem recognizable. It should be fun to have such a large change...or it may just end up being a huge pain in the behind. Guess we'll find out soon enough!

Fail? Possibly.

How did I miss this! Bah, damn being offline.

Anyways...uhhhh right! Body and Soul (the Jenesee Project) is live, but I don't know if I completely like it yet. I ended up not leaving when expected, and had some time to work with Jenesee a bit. There's also not a whole lot of content so far, but expect that to fill up sometime in the next month or so. You know, whenever I get the chance to come back on and dump all the material I've written up online : P

Kind of random, but the animations for the camel mount? Win. He's ploppy and gross, and I absolutely have one! Camel!!!

You may see a little gnome in the post below this one. She's Milly Bays. No you cannot have her, yes she's for an upcoming project. You *might* eventually see that one pop up in here, but for now, just "ooh" and "aah" at her cuteness.

News on the scepter quest! Today we managed to both finish off the quest involving the 500 pound chicken. Go go epic recipe! I decided to keep mine, since I like collecting things. After having done this, we ventured off to BWL to gather a part of our Draconic book and to begin the red portion of the three part quest line. Well, we both got our book bits, but sadly only one of us was able to complete the quest offered for the red line. So, off we go to BWL again so I can complete it, and also for more Elementium Ore. Noooo fun! *Makes a grumpy face at BWL*

Next we went into MC to try and retrieve the last part of the Draconic book. Once again, only one of us was able to loot it. I gotta kill that bugger again! Oh well, I needed more Sulfuron Ingots and Blood of the Mountains for my legendary mace anyways! Rep of course is always a plus too.

Scatter brained entry from a scatter brained mind. Fun, eh?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I had promised that this blog would not only be able my random babblings and adventures, but also about my many projects. So here's a bit of a teaser of what I will be working on while I'm back in the world where internet ceases to exist, and what you may possibly come to expect sometime in the next month or two.

First off is Project OA. I'll leave it in it's cryptic form for right now, since it is faaaaarrr from finished. This was the project that I had originally intended on getting the rest of my material for during this past week, but sadly due to a CPU issue on the computer I normally use for WoW, I got zero of the screen shots needed to complete this rather large, four part video project. Perhaps if the computer gets repaired this project will be able to be completed prior to the Cataclysm release date (which was the intent), but if not, this particular project may see a full revamp/re-imagining or will just be scrapped.

Next up, I'd like you to meet Jenesee. I will soon be starting a project that revolves completely around her, but as to what that project really is...I'm going to be leaving you in the dark on that one till I launch the start of it ;)

I'll also be starting up a few minor writing projects over the next few weeks, though they probably won't be WoW related, thus a bit out of place here in this particular blog. If it's anything relevant though, I'll be sure to share it.

That's about it for this particular update. Nothing was accomplished in game today, other then some good ol' sitting around jabbering with friends. Now it's time to hit the road, get "home", and get to work on some of these projects. More hopefully in a week or two!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cata Pets!!

Oh oh oh! I know I just did a post, but I just hopped over to MMO-Champion and they had new pets listed!!! These are pets that are unlocked via guild achievements.

Amadillo Pup - reward for Critter Killer Squad (50,000 critters killed)

Dark Phoenix - reward for United Nations (55 exalted reputations)

Guild Herald - reward for Saving for a Rainy Day (100,000 gold from creatures)

Guild Page - reward for Horde/Alliance Slayer (something to do with slaying so many of each of the opposing factions races)

Pebble - reward for Rock Lover (Complete the Lost in the Deeps daily quest in Deepholm 10 times)

Oh man, I'm posting as I'm reading though this's HUGE!!! Check out more here.

I'm ECSTATIC!!! I'm loving the elementals!!! I absolutely adore my little fire elemental that I already have (I missed out on the Frigid Frostling this year), and I'm so very much looking forward to adding all these new little guys to my collection!!

Between all these new little guys, the new mounts, new achievements, trying to get at least two of my 80s to 85 (the shaman and druid will most likely be back to back...I won't be able to support leveling both of the shaman's professions without the income of the druid), hopefully getting into a new guild, and still unsure as to if I'll have a working computer, let alone a connection to the online, it may be spring before I step foot into a raid again. So many new things to see and do! So very very little time. December 7th seems so far away, yet so dreadfully close (depending on which of the two spectrums I'm looking from at the moment).

Needless to say, I am very much excited to see what Cataclysm has in store for us!!

Green + Blue = Epic

First off, I'd like to share some funnies, and then we shall get into what I really want to babble about.

Storng cat durid is haf no ninervate ok? This link makes your head hurt a bit, but it's oh so funny, and oh so true imo : P

This PvP guide is an old favorite of mine. It's funny lines have managed to stick in my head like transparent glue for the better part of this past year.

H'okay! Now that the hilarity has ceased, down to the epicness!!!!1!!11

K, so my priest friend and I were working on our Scepter quest line, correct? Well, we finished our Green portion of said quest line, and let me just say....the fight against Eranikus was pretty famazing. I ended up tanking him though because little level 73 Remulos didn't stand a chance in keeping aggro off me. Towards the end I was taking about 3k nature damage per tick, but between my healing (both through wolves when they were up, and my maelstorm heals), the healing of my priesty friend (bubble/mending/whatever else she threw at me), and eventually Tyrande, the slow killing of Eranikus wasn't too bad. A tad chaotic, but all in all an amazing encounter. It was really nice to be able to free Eranikus, as opposed to toting around his poor tortured soul in a trinket.

 Please excuse the incredibly plain UI. The computer I've been playing on had a CPU death, and I've had to resort to a craptastically crappy laptop. I refer to it as my lagtop.

Once this was completed, we began our Blue portion of the quest line.

Before I go any further I must state that Azuregos is my fucking hero. Don't even bother to pardon my language there.

Ahem, as I was saying, we began the Blue part. A-mazing. We're probably only about half way done currently, but from what I've seen thus far, it's a hilarious goose chase at best. From Azuregos's hair-brained way of hiding his portion of the scepter (I gave it to a fish. Not just any fish, mortal. a minnow. This fish was a minnow. A very special minnow) to what we have to aquire to get said minnow (there's something that deals with a 500 pound chicken, a crazy gnome in love with all things velvet, a lonely mermaid, talking to afore mentioned gnome's ex b.f.f. that resides in a crate, to taking on someone named Dr. Weavil), to having to collect bits of a book so that we can read something in draconic...let's just say there are many laughs to be had. While there are several farming headaches (I can only imagine how painful this was at 60), this quest line as thus far been worth all the hours.

Unfortunately the plans to get through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and Onyxia to get our missing book pieces fell through for the day, so our journey is halted for a bit. Perhaps if it rains I can stay in town for a day longer!

Because todays plans fell through, I did some much needed farming. Rep farming that is! On my shaman I've managed to finish off my Consortium rep (fiiiinally, I've been slacking and this one took a few more hours than planned), thus getting the achievement for them and getting the 35 Exalted Reputations achievement. Later on I'll go pick up the Consortium's tabard and attempt to live in a few bgs to get the Stormpike Battle tabard so I can grab my 25 Tabards achievement. Have I ever mentioned how much I love achievements?

Today I also finished off my druid's Argent Dawn rep, and to top that one off, Baron dropped his mount!!! I was soooo very happy to have gotten that after only 23 kills. I also managed to pop the Stable Keeper achievement off of learning Baron's mount (epic, I know...I don't collect on my druid like I do the shaman). I'm very very excited to say the least. The downer of the day for the druid though was realizing on the last day of Brewfest that I wouldn't be able to get enough tokens to renew my Brew of the Month Club subscription. I'm one lousy brew away from that achievement *hangs head dejectively*. I'll have to remember that one for next year.

On the topic of mounts, this morning I managed to get a ram on my warlock's Brewfest bag. Kind of exciting, I guess. So this year's Brewfest total is: 4 rams (1 shaman, 2 hunter, 1 lock), 2 Tankard of Terrors (1 shaman, 1 lock), and 1 remote (lock). Fail RNG is fail. Guess I'm waiting yet another year for that illusive kodo :  /

That's all I have for the moment. Until more adventures are had, stay cool.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm loving my extended stay here thus far. How I miss the interwebs, the lovely sunsets of Azeroth, the killing of pixel monesters! This week has been semi busy WoW-wise, Brewfest aside. Earlier this week a dear friend of mine decided that she was going to do the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest line, and that I should come along and do it too. Thus begun our journey. We collected bug bits, spoke to dragons, witnessed the Dragonflights fight against the masses of buggies....

                         (Hey! It's a guest appearance of my new pet, Oozey!)

Last night we had begun on our Charge of the Dragonflights portion of this incredibly long quest line, starting with the Green Dragonflight. Fairly simple to two woman this as enhance and shadow respectively, until we got to the Twilight Corrupter who resides in Duskwood. After having me getting MC'd twice by the bugger and nuking my poor priest friend, we figured out that he was a actually a raid boss. Needless to say that since it was getting late, we just gathered up our bits from the Hinterlands portal and parked our characters in Duskwood for the night. New tactics to be tried later today!

Ahn'Qiraji makes me really wish I had been around for Vanilla WoW raiding. Everything about this place just screams epic....from the questlines to the old stories about how bad the lag was rushing towards the gates. Now, I've managed to miss a lot of the big events that have taken place in WoW, and I'm sorely disappointed that I wasn't around to experience the things that literally changed Azeroth and how we interact with it. Soon Cataclysm will change everything for good once again. Everything familiar will become strangely new, and some of these remnants from "the good ol' days" may very well vanish. I'm really hoping to at least finish off this epic quest line before that happens though.

So much to experience, so little time!

More updates on this journey later!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cata Mounts!

Oh man oh man, mmo-champion has some new mount models, aaaand I'm a bit in love. I'll just highlight the Alliance ones (sorry Horde!).

I lovelovelove the Spectral Steed. This mount will apparently be purchased from the Tol Barad quartermasters (you will also be able to purchase the Spectral Wolf mount from them).While it's still the typical horse model, the coloration is gorgeously done and I can't wait to see it in motion. I wonder if this guy shoots out stars like the Celestial Steed...

This is the new Alliance guild mount. Kind of a neat design, and I can't wait to see it merged with a guild tabard (which apparently will show up on the white area of the saddle, according to mmo-champion). Not quite sure if I'd ride this mount myself (a Draenei on a lion, that may look a bit strange), but I'll certainly be adding this to my collection. The new Horde guild mount is a scorpion, and I'm rather looking forward to seeing some Tauren sport that particular mount : P

These guys I saw just a few days ago and saved the image...buuuut I have completely forgot how these guys are acquired, if I had read anything about them. The Glory of the Cataclysm Raider is pretty straight forward, but as far as how we get our paws on the different variations,'s beyond me for the moment. These skins are verrrry slick though, I'm very much looking forward to getting these.

There's also been a few pet images released lately, and by far my favorite is of course the Dark Phoenix Hatchling. Apparently this little guy is acquired by exalting 55 reputations. I absolutely love the standard Phoenix, and you bet that I'm going to be working even harder on my reputations to be able to get this little guy.

Brazie's Sunflower, another new Cataclysm pet, has been released. Apparently it's aquired through a questline. I'll spare the image right now to save up some space, but it's kinda cute.

To check out the Sunflower pet and the Spectral Wolf, hop on over to mmo-champion.  If you want to check out the scorpian mount, I'm afraid you'll have to dig it up yourself : P

In Sazland my luck has seemed to change a bit. Finally today I manged to gnab the Swift Brewfest Ram on my Shaman, and even got a remote on the Warlock! I also broke down and purchased an Oozeling on the AH for Saz yesterday, and I must say that I'm kind of pretty much in love. Also to bring up my luck, I finally managed to get my hands on that neck piece I was after for my priest. All in all today has been a good WoW day. Sometimes it seems like a bit of complaining (ie getting frustration off your chest) somehow tends to help things turn for the better...if done sparingly. I'm still rather convinced that I have some seriously bad RNG luck, but thankfully it decided to get a bit better, if only for a day.

Back to geeking about the new Cataclysm mounts!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Alchemist Recipe for Cata!

Vial of the Sands....I. Am. Stoked!

I'm a huuuuuuge mount person...and now as an alchemist I can not only get a new mount, but TURN INTO ONE?!!? Awww yeah. This is one happy little shaman right here :D

Also, I haven't geeked about this guy, buuut I'm also very very very very excited about the Dark Phoenix mount!!

Oh Cataclysm, you're making the collector in me happy.


Just a simple post with links to some machinima guides/how-to videos for future use. No, these are not by me, I'm just putting links here for future personal references : P
(This guy does several guides, covering everything from building a character to animation and lighting).
(Using panoramic stills in video.)

Day 6 of Brewfest farming resulted in a second ram on the hunter and one Tankard o' Terror on the lock. The oozeling remains yet to be found as well.