Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hoarders: Azeroth Edition - Get 'em Fido!

Welcome to another edition of Hoarders! This week I've decided that I'm going to be doing an article on rare Hunter pets in celebration of Hunters now being able to have up to twenty five different combat pets. Now, you may have been expecting this series to consist of only items, but this simply is not the case! Be sure to keep tuning in, for I shall cover pets (combat and non combat), mounts, and random collectible items that you may randomly find off of various mobs around Azeroth and Outlands.


All too soon my Hunter's stables shall be over flowing with creatures that have tusks, claws, and fangs. I plan on making an attempt to tame some of the more rare and unique creatures in the game, and I'd like to share with where you can find these beauties yourself. Let's get started then, shall we?

First, I'd like to begin with what I already have. While not all of these pets are necessarily rare, they seem to be at least semi-unique over on my server.

Brody - A white lion with a mane.
Not really incredibly rare, but he is a bit problematic to get seeing as though he is spawned from one of two quests. I was lucky enough to have a good friend of my to ask me one day if I would like him prior to me having to level all the way up to my 50s to be able to take a crack at Sian-Rotam. So, I ran my little level 20-something self all the way through Stranglethorn Vale (with the help of a kind soul who took pity on me getting killed by mobs every 10 feet or so), and managed to get over to the Barrens. Once I arrived my friend hopped over to his horde character and promptly spawned Echeyakee for me. A few excited moments later, he was mine! I really love all of the male lion skins, but he is by far my favorite.

River - A ghostly white leopard. Not a spirit beast.
This one you don't see all too often. This is another recommendation to me by the same friend who helped me obtain my beloved Brody. He actually came out to help me search for the cat figurines that spawn this interesting pet on his Dwarf Hunter (treasure finding ftw!), and within a half hour or so I was taming my dear little River. Here's more information on how to find this leopard.

~Random Fact~ Yes, she is named after River Tam for you Firefly fans out there. My guild for the past year has been <Battle of Serenity>. Yes, I'm a total geek.

Tyson - A black devilsaur.
No, he's not rare, but he's still cool looking! I got this guy out in Netherstorm, but he's also obtainable in Un'Goro Crater. He's named after a friend of mine, and the temper kinda fits : P

Gingervitus - A red worg.
Again, she's by no means rare, but I had to have a ginger wolf! For I am a ginger myself. Good reasoning, don't you think? Easily obtainable in Burning Steppes.

Jambi - A leopard spirit beast.
This is currently my pride and joy of my small collection. Loque'nahak is a rare spawn out in Sholazar Basin. He has a semi lengthy time spawn and have several different spawn points within the basin. To catch this beasty, I highly suggest reading the comments over on that wowhead link that I just gave. As with any spirit beast, your best weapon is information. This guy is highly sought after for both Hunters and those after the Northern Exposure achievement, and is located in a very high traffic area thanks to the farm-ability of the area. I actually got extremely lucky with this guy. After finally admiring defeat while hunting for the bear spirit beast (more on him later), I began to level my Hunter in the basin. One morning I logged on to take a quick cruise around this guy's spawn points just before the servers went down for maintenance, and there he was! NPC Scan screamed at me, and after a few false pulls that almost killed my little Draenei butt, he was mine. If you've never experienced the incredible rush you get when you finally nab something this rare, I recommend it.

Okay, enough talking about the kids that I have, now to talk about the ones that I want! This list is a bit long, but I'll try to stick to the rare(er) ones!

Arcturis - A bear spirit beast.
He is certainly not for tanking, but man, he is mighty purty! Prior to getting Jambi, I had actually spent a good amount of time camping this bugger in Grizzly Hills. After one shift of 12 straight hours of no spawn (for he only has one spawn point), much grief from various level 80s threatening to steal him from me, and being rather tired, I called it quits and continued to level on. Someday soon he shall be mine!

Skoll - A blue saber worg spirit beast with lightning.
This guy is incredibly gorgeous. I have yet to try and farm for him, but I'm looking forward to the day that I tame him. Oh yes, he is far too pretty for his own good! You can try your luck at finding him at his various spawn points in Storm Peaks.

Gondria - A purplish ghostly tiger spirit beast.
This is another spirit beast that I have yet to attempt to farm. She is one spirit beast that I originally didn't care much for, but she's definitely grown on me. Gondria has multiple spawn points over in Zul'Drak. For those of you who follow WoW Insider, you may have seen this epic post about some wonderful guildies who spent about 7 hours kiting this amazing spirit beast around until their guild Hunter got online to tame her. Pretty cool stuff, Batman :  )

Aotona - A blue parrot.
Oh Aotona, what a beauty you are! (Oh my...I'm beginning to sound like the Crocodile Hunter...) She's another one of Sholazar Basin's handful of rare spawns. She has several spawn points, and like Loque'nahak, is a requirement for the Northern Exposure achievement. On my server I have perhaps seen one tamed Aotona, so you can see why I'd love to have this bird in my collection!

King Krush - A green devilsaur.
Same model as my Tyson that I already have, but instead of being black he's green! He's the third rare tamable spawn out in Sholazar Basin, and like the other two, he has multiple spawn points and is on the kill list for Northern Exposure. I can't really recall ever seeing this guy being sported around any of the main hubs, thus again, a must have!

Uhk'loc - An all white gorilla.
This is the only all white, tamable gorilla currently in game. Honestly I'm a bit torn between this guy's model, and the dark grey version. Naturally though, I'll more than likely end up getting the rare guy! Just because that's how I roll. Uhk'loc is currently hiding out somewhere in Un'Goro Crater.

Tallstriders - They're...well, ostriches?
In general these guys aren't rare. They're all over Kalimdor in fact, but...there is not one, nor two, but THREE different rare colors for these guys. Honestly, I'm torn as to which one to get! The pink one - can be found out in Mulgore, the purple one - can be found in Terokkar Forest, or the turquoise one - can be found out at Darkshore. Tough choice really, but I'm leaning towards the purple, with pink coming in at a close second!

Nuramoc - A purple chimaera.
This guy I've actually managed to kill a few times (while I'm on anything but my Hunter I tend to kill anything that pops up on NPC Scan...), but he's really a rare spawn out in Netherstorm. I'm not a huge chimaera fan, but this dude looks kinda cool, plus he's rare. Therefor, he's cool in my book!

Scion of Quetz'lun - A white spiked wind serpent.
He's pretty neat looking I must say, for a wind serpent. I'm not too partial to wind serpents myself, but this guy may just be worth going after. You can try your luck at finding him over in Zul'Drak.

Firefly - It's a yellow bug!
These guys aren't fact they're everywhere if you simply head out to Zangarmarsh. I really just wanted to end my "currently available" list on a geeky note! Once I tame one, you can be sure her name will be Serenity. <3


For now I consider this list to be finished, but I may very well do a Cataclysm edition (Get 'em Fido 2.0 or something to that nature) in a few months time. If you'd like a complete list of all of the currently available pets, and for a sneak peak at those that shall become available when Cataclysm rocks our world, head on over to Petopia to check 'em out!

Happy hunting hoarders!

Edit: I meant to dedicate this post to a good friend of mine who had passed away a few months ago. He's the one who helped me acquire both Brody and River, as well as point me in the direction of the Tallstriders. Today is his birthday, so happy birthday Weezie! You're loved and missed by everyone who knew you over on Aggramar. We love you buddy. <3


  1. wow jambi is the coolest pet there lucky you for having him! if i ever roll a hunter im going after him!

  2. He is definitely one of my favorites, followed closely by Arcturis. Currently I'm on the hunt for Skoll, who's being a shy little bugger. Eventually I'll go after Gondria and eventually the Cataclysm rares as well.

    Roll a Hunter! They're a lot of fun to play, and the pets are just too awesome. I highly recommend the class!