Saturday, September 8, 2012

Enhancement Shaman Gearlist - Mogu'shan Vaults

Here's a list of the gear that will be available from Mogu'shan Vaults. This is by no means a Best in Slot (BiS) list, just a place to start when looking for potential upgrades.

Helm: None
Neck: Amulet of the Hidden Kings, The Spirit Kings LFR/Normal/Heroic
Shoulder: None
Cloak: Arrow Breaking Windcloak, Feng the Accursed & The Spirit Kings LFR/Normal/Heroic
Chest: Stonefang Chestguard, Stone Guardians LFR/Normal/Heroic
Waist: Fetters of Death, Gara'jal the Spiritbinder LFR/Normal/Heroic
Legs: Subetai's Pillaging Leggings, The Spirit Kings LFR/Normal/Heroic
Feet: Wildfire Worldwalkers, Feng the Accursed LFR/Normal/Heroic
Wrist: Stonemaw Armguards, Stone Guardians LFR/Normal/Heroic
Hands: Grips of Terra Cotta, Jan-xi LFR/Normal/Heroic

Ring: Feng's Seal of Binding, Feng the Accursed LFR/Normal/Heroic (Link MIA for the moment)

Trinket: Bottle of Infinite Stars, Elegon LFR/Normal/Heroic

Weapon: Gara'kal, Fist of the Spiritbinder LFR/Normal/Heroic

At the time of the making of this list, Wowhead does not have listed where each piece of tier drops. I will however include the list of tier 14 here.

Head: Firebird's Helmet LFR/Normal/Heroic
Shoulders: Firebird's Spaulders LFR/Normal/Heroic
Chest: Firebird's Cuirass LFR/Normal/Heroic
Legs: Firebird's Legguards LFR/Normal/Heroic
Hands: Firebird's Grips LFR/Normal/Heroic

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Enhancement Shaman 5.0.4 - Need To Know Guide

I know, I know, 5.0 launched a week ago and I'm kind of late to this guide party. You know what though? I'm going to do up a quick little guide anyways, for those of you who don't care to wade through every little detail..

What's Changed
- Hit and expertise caps are no longer what they were. You need 7.5% hit and  7.5% expertise, respectively. 7.5% = 768, or 666 for those of you who have racial bonuses that grant hit or expertise.
- Haste is no longer completely garbage. Currently at level 85 mastery, haste, and crit are all roughly equal, with mastery and haste been a smidge above crit. Depending on your level of gear, haste or mastery may pull ahead as the prime stat. Honestly, with only a little over two weeks until MoP's release (at the time of me writing this post), those of you who have been mastery stacking can continue to do so. Feel free to pick up the Starcatcher Compass now though if you happen to come across it, as it'll no longer break my heart if you use it ; )

 - Searing Flames (x5) no longer build up on a target; instead they stack on us, making target switching less of a pain.
- Buff totems have become auras, thus our clunky totem bar is gone. What totems you have left are now cooldown-type deals, save for the Searing and Magma totems.
- Our Fire Elemental has had his CD reduced to 5 minutes and should reset once an encounter is either completed or a wipe has occured. He now gives us Searing Flames, which makes him not only a viable totem to use, but a rather powerful CD.
- Feral Spirits have lost their control bar. Because of this change, we no longer have their stun ability. However, Spirit Walk is now a separate ability that has a relatively short CD, especially when glyphed.
- Pets such as our Feral Spirits and our Fire/Earth Elemental totems will no longer "snap shot" stats and will adjust to your current procs and stats as they roll out. No more double-dipping on Heroism for your puppies, but no more sitting around for the proc-gods to line up either.

- Stormstrike and Lightning Bolt have moved up on the priority order some. Otherwise, our rotation is nearly the same as it has been.

For the most part, you'll be adjusting your spec on a per-fight basis. I'm going to suggest talents that you'd generally use on say a Patchwerk-type encounter. Please note that specs are no longer of a "set it and forget it" mindset; adjust to your needs accordingly!

Tier 1: Stone Bulwark Totem or Astral Shift - SBT = for those times that you need a bit longer duration of protection. AS = for those moments when you need 40% damage reduction, but only for a short moment of time (think soaking on H-Ultraxion).

Tier 2: Earthgrab Totem or Windwalk Totem - Both of these have minor utility uses, but will probably be rarely needed in a PvE environment.

Tier 3: Call of Elements or Totemic Restoration. CoE will allow you to use your Healing Stream Totem more often (which your healers will love you for). Totemic Restoration has some niche uses, such as possibly being able to use your Fire Elemental totem for a quick burst phase (think Spine tendons), and then pulling him back early so that he's up sooner. Needs some toying with to see if it'll work for you on an given encounter. Totemic Projection *might* have some incredibly niche uses, but it's fairly rare that an enhancer needs to toss a totem anywhere but at their feet.

Tier 4: All three talents at level 90 are nearly on par with each other. However, at 85 Echo of Elements is probably one of our stronger general use talents, while Elemental Mastery is great for more bursty situations (again, think Spine tendons).

Tier 5: From the latest numbers I've been seeing over at TotemSpot, it's looking like Ancestral Guidance is beating out Healing Tide Totem as far as potential healing output is concerned.

Tier 6: N/A at 85, but here's the skinny for when you hit 90. All three talents are pretty darn close to each other, even with the various combinations from tier 4. As it stands currently though, Unleash Fury is the top performing talent on a stationary fight. The other two talents my prove themselves more useful for other types of encounters.

- There is only one major glyph that is required: Flame Shock. All other glyphs are utility and should be used according to the encounter you are facing.
- There is only one minor glyph that has a non-cosmetic function: Lava Lash. This glyph is necessary in those situations where you don't want to break CC via spreading your Flame Shocks around, or if a boss fight requires you to control your cleaving (think achivement runs; those of you who have run with me on things like ToGC through TLR and remember me saying "don't use FS!", yeah this fixes that). It's just a "per basis" sort of glyph, like many of the majors.

Utility Totems
- Stormlash Totem is a wicked little thing that buffs the raid for 10 seconds, causing them to pump out some extra nature damage. Naturally (har har) this gets slightly buffed through our own mastery. Sadly it's on a five minute cooldown and isn't reset through Call of Elements. Also, does not stack with other Stormlash Totems.
- Healing Steam Totem no longer works like the old, static HST. This one is a single target SMART heal, which will always try to choose the target with the lowest health. Can have its timer reset by the talent Call of Elements.

Alright, this post has already become more extensive than I intended it to be. If you wish to read more in detail about each of the spells, glyphs, and various other enhancement-related MoPish things, please take a look at Purge's Enhancement Primer over on TotemSpot.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

TNB - Come Here Me Babble Live!

That's right ladies and gents, I will once again have the honor of hanging out with the Twisted Nether Blogcast Crew TONIGHT. It's short notice, I know I know.

What should you expect? Well, it'll be a Patch 5.0.4 roundtable! This roundtable will have the likes of Cymre from Bubbles of Mischief, Jed from Jed’s Corner of WoW Shenanigans, Stop from The Stoppable Force, and of course myself. Should be a good, chatty time!

 If you have questions that you wish to be asked on the show, send those in to with a quickness!

I hope to see you in the chat room!