Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To the Rant Mobile!

To be quite honest, during this latest internet visit I've been having some pretty serious RNG hate. Once again it is time for Brewfest, which certainly excites the collector in me. This is the third year now that I've experienced this holiday, and let's just say that despite the newly implemented holiday boss system (which has a huge thumbs up from me, no lie there), I'm feeling the QQ frustration. Thus far, while running five characters daily, five days in a row now, I have only had one mount drop. That's it. Of course it was the ram and it dropped for my hunter -_- It's incredibly heart breaking to hear of friends who got two or three mounts in one night (on their mains plus various alts), to be in group while someone opens their bags and receives the achievement, and to see that someone opened their bag to receive not one, but two of the weapons. I've been hearing of people getting the direbrew remote x3 on one character, while I have yet to see that in one of my bags (lovely item for alts, thankfully I have this item on my shaman already). I suppose I just feel the stress a bit more knowing that my online time is limited, and that any day now I'll have to go back home again.

To add to my RNG frustrations, ZG is continuing to hold out on both mounts. With the ever looming approach of Cataclysm, this has been stressing me out. I've been farming this place on and off for over two years now, and to have it taken away empty handed is just...harsh. Aside from the mount woes, I'll honestly miss farming the place. I've always loved the jungley atmosphere of STV and ZG, and beating up bosses in a solo fashion as a squishy shaman has just been a very happy thing for me. Zen-like if you will.

Further RNG hate has been coming from our little Disgusting Oozeling friend. I've been farming him on and off for a good while now, over various toons. I wish I would have kept some type of tally for this bugger. I'm now getting to the point now where getting bags no longer has that heart-a-flutter effect, more or less knowing that the bag in question is more than likely just filled with some silver and a plant. I had a small leap of hope today, seeing as though not one, but two bags dropped off of one ooze mob, but alas, nothing but junk...

To top it all off, the Arcane Loops of Anger, which I have been farming for for quite some time now on my priest, finally dropped today!....only to have it snatched by the horrible healer we had. If only I was able to raid to be able to gnab a 251 neck piece out of ICC, then this ordeal wouldn't have been so heartbreaking.

So yes, this is my RNG QQ for the month. I suppose this is the karma backlash for the one good weekened I had where I obtained the Karazhan mount, the baby raptor from ZG, and DFO on my warlock. All my good luck has been spent until half way through Cataclysm. *Hangs head*

/end QQ. Now that I feel a bit better, back to farming ^_^

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall is here...

and while things are cooling off in many parts of the world (mine included), 'tis the season when things are most likely to pick up. Whether it be the the storms in the oceans in the world, or in the minds of all the students that are back in school, everything seems to be kicking into motion to help prevent premature winter hibernation. With out my typical internet hookup (by this I mean my IV), my usual constant contact to what is the digital world, I've been left feeling a bit out of sync. WoW-wise, while all my friends are in school, cooling their heels (or working like little ants, carrying far too great of a load) while waiting for the much anticipated Cataclysm expansion, I find myself longing to raid with the full force that I've missed out on in the past few months.

I'm hoping that soon I can return to the world of flashy spells and sexy pixels. In the mean time though, I've been teaching myself a few tricks that will hopefully come into use once a fore mentioned digital residency is reestablished. I've taken a great interest in the world of WoW Machinima, as well as a few other much more minor projects, and hope to be able to dive into that world very soon. Being offline gives a girl more than enough time to dream up all kinds of fun projects, and once the pieces fall into place on the tech end (hopefully soon) I plan on putting those little dream projects into motion.

Until the pieces fall into place though, I shall enjoy what little time I have to heroic/rep/mount/pet farm : P

Much love, Sazzy