About Me

Hey there! I'm Saz and I play an enhancement shaman, originally hailing from Aggramar(US) but currently mostly residing on Proudmoore(US). In real life I'm a professional bum and goofball. My hobbies include reading, writing, arting, and babbling on about nothing in particular in my blog. I'm also a fan of fuzzy dinosaurs.

I've been playing WoW since about mid BC, and originally started out with a playing a bunch of lowbie horde characters over on Sen'jin. Shortly after I started playing WoW, I had met someone at college who also played the game and he convinced me to reroll as alliance over on ol' Aggy (ewwww Alliance!). I had been playing a warlock on Sen'jin, and was really into the class, but initially when I started my journey as a member of the alliance I had a great distaste for gnomes and I didn't care much for the human models neither. So, I fell back to my second favorite class, the shaman. I rolled Saz and I haven't looked back.

My Game Story
It's been five years or so, and I'm still rocking team alliance. Gnomes still bug me some days, despite me having a gnome mage as a bank alt. Since my first ventures over on Laggramar to present day I have managed to acquire quite the army of alts, as well as a multitude of great friends. In this time period I've helped to create two guilds, <School of ROCK> and <Battle of Serenity>. School of ROCK was formed by four of us who knew each other in real life with the intent of raiding in a casual fashion, meaning we'd raid as much as we could, so long as it didn't eat into our school time. Later on a rift occurred between myself along with some of the management and the GM. I, along with the a fore mentioned management, ultimately ended up leaving. Thus Battle of Serenity was born. For about a year Serenity was my pride and joy (along with my biggest headache some days), but unfortunately real life popped in to say hello to me. I had been forced off the game for several months, mostly due to computer issues and a lack of consistent internet access and sadly Battle of Serenity didn't survive while I was away. 

All good things must come to an end and now that I no longer have a raiding guild to run or police as an officer, I have more time to spend on my various hair-brained projects. What are these projects? Well, there's Twitterland Raiding, which behaves much like an extended CRZ guild. There's also been my WoW-based art projects as of late. As always, I've been working on improving myself as an enhancement shaman and I'm once again raiding mythic content, this time with a new crew on a new server.

My Characters
I currently have four level 100s (three of which are shaman, naturally), a small army of level 90s, an 85+, two level 80 Herald of the Titans twinks, and a multitude of lesser alts that are scattered throughout the WoW universe. I'm what you'd call an experienced altoholic.

Salty Saz the Insane - 100 Enhancement

My first character on Aggramar. Leveled her up as enhancement with the intent of going restoration at level 70. Tried healing, was terrible at it, and reverted back to smashing things in the butt and dying from it constantly. Ended up healing over 50% of the time throughout Wrath though due to a large shortage of healers, plus that was the only way people would take my noob self into a raid. Attempted elemental for a while, but never quite cared for the rhythm of the spec so I stuck with what I knew. Windfury, GO!

These days I'm raiding with her on Elune. You'll still find a shaman named Saz over on Aggramar, definitely still me.

Kelebek (kel-eh-beck) - 100 Feral/Guardian

My second "serious" character. By the time she was considered for leveling, I had been completely hooked on melee DPS (still am). I've done minor dabbling in restoration, balance, and guardian, but ultimately I prefer to bite and scratch as a cute (but not so little) kitty cat. I've become so enthralled with my druid over the years that I have started up a side writing project, a fanfiction series called Feral By Nature, featuring this girl. Check out the link to read about her antics.

Zarifruh (zar-EEF-roo, or Zari for short) - 100 Enhancement/Restoration

This shaman was my very first. She was what made me love shaman in the first place, though the state I found her in when I finally returned to her in late Cataclysm was appalling. I'm still unsure how she managed to make it to level 19, decked out in whites, greys, and a motley assortment of greens. Regardless, she still resides on Sen'jin (the very first server I ever rolled a character on) and manages to see some action from time to time.

Sometimes you just gotta go troll, mon.

Spazm - 80 Frosty Arcane (Shake)

My little banker. She's a character that will probably never see max level, as she is currently twinked for the Herald of the Titans achievement. She enjoys shaking her booty, all things fuzzy, making me loads of gold, and standing around in fire. You should buy things from her! Her specialties include accidentally blinking into walls and dieing for useless reasons while leveling...hence why she took forever to level despite being the second toon I rolled on Aggramar. It seriously took four years to get her from her teens up to where she is now. It was an absolute miracle that got this gnome to 80. Maybe if she sprouted a tail and some horns she could have gotten there a bit faster...

Anyways, that's me in a nut shell!