Friday, August 31, 2012

Shaman & Feral/Guardian Resource Dump

I have been running across many class guides as of late that contain solid information on the 5.0.4 class changes. I personally have had no real time to put together any sort of guide myself, so here, have some links! Yes, I am including links for all three shaman specs as I have been playing with all three as of late, and I will be including feral/guardian guides as well since they pertain to my interests with my druid, who is my favorite and most used alt. This post is just as much for me as it is for you!

Be warned, some of the info found in some of these guides may potentially be out of date, thus making the information in them somewhat incorrect. Much of the information in these guides are subject to change as Blizz continues to balance the classes. As always, please check and double check on the information you read about! Cross-referencing information is the only way to be sure that you're getting the correct information.

Totemspot - This site is run by the wonderful Mr. Binkenstein. If you can't find solid shaman theorycrafting, look no further. While the site is heavily elemental-focused, it does have some very solid enhancement shaman working behind the scenes (namely Purge, who is a beast with the numbers), and tries overall not to neglect the other specs. Still trying to wrangle in a few more restos to the site ; )

Purge's Enhancement Primer for 5.0.4 - Found over on Totemspot. Purge has also done an excellent post on haste for enhancement shaman, which can be found here.
EJ's Enhancement Guide - For those of you who prefer walls of text and in-depth info ; )
Totem Talk: What to expect when you're enhancing - A great little blog post by the one and only Elam over on WowInsider.

Binkenstein's Elemental Primer for 5.0.4 - This article is found over on Totemspot. I highly recommend digging around on there for all of Binks' ele-related posts.
5.0.4 Elemental Changes - This article is found on the blog called Elemental Entropy. Looks like there's a good chunk of info in there, so definitely give it a look see!
Totem Talk: Surviving playing elemental in 5.0.4 - Another great blog post by Elam over on WowInsider.

Life in Group 5's 5.0 Guide - An excellent over view of the changes between the recent patches. If you're a resto shaman who doesn't follow that blog yet, I definitely recommend doing so!
EJ's Resto Guide - A very in depth look at restoration. Great stuff within!
Healiocentric's Resto Guide - A new blogger on the block, but definitely has some good in depth break downs of the new heal information. Also be sure to dig around on that blog for healing information on other classes as well.
Totem Talk: Surviving patch 5.04 as a restoration shaman -  A blog post by Mr. Lodur over on WowInsider; a definite must-read.
Resto Shaman 5.0 Guide - A very nicely put together resto guide over at Spiritwalker's Grace.

The Fluid Druid - Your one stop shop for all of your druid needs. Alaron has been the cat to go to for quite some time as far as feral is concerned, but the man has been busy with dabbling in the other three specs as well. If you're into monks, you should check out his other project called World of Monkcraft.

Alaron's 5.0 Feral DPS Guide - This was Alaron's post on the official forums. Good stuff there!

Guardian Patch 5.0.4 Survival Guide - This is the ever so excellent guide that can be found over at the Inconspicuous Bear. Extremely in depth, incredibly well done. The Inc Bear mostly covers the tanking aspect for druids, but also do some cat stuff! Definitely check out their forums when you get a chance.

Edit: I've been continually tweaking this list. I have removed some guides from the line-up due to inaccurate information, while others have been added as I trust them to be trust worthy sources.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Enhancement Pre-Raid Gearlist for MoP

This post is a bit of a work in progress. I'm simply going to list all of the reputation, crafted, and dungeon gear here. Later on I'll hopefully get around to a "pre-raid" BiS list of sorts. If I have missed anything, please point it out to me and I'll happily add it.

The Kaxxi
Golden Lotus
The August Celestials

Valor Points
Helm - Hawkmaster's Headguard (Shadow-Pan - Revered)
Neck - Choker of the Klaxxi'va (Klaxxi - Revered)
Shoulder - Windwalker Spaulders (Golden Lotus - Revered)
Cloak - Blackguard Cape (Shado-Pan - Revered)
Chest - Breastplate of the Golden Pagoda (Golden Lotus - Revered)
Bracers - Tiger-Striped Wristguards (August Celestials - Revered)
Hands - Sentinel Commander's Gauntlets (August Celestials - Revered)
Belt - Klaxxi Lash of the Winnower (Klaxxi - Revered)
Pants - Locus Swarm Legguards (Klaxxi - Revered)
Boots - Steps of the War Serpent (August Celestials - Revered)

Ring 1 - Anji's Keepsake (Golden Lotus - Revered)
Ring 2 - None

Trinket 1 - Hawkmaster's Talon (Shadow-Pan - Revered)
Trinket 2 - None

Weapons - None

Items Per Faction
Shadow-Pan: 3
The Klaxxi: 3
The August Celestials: 3
Golden Lotus: 3

Justic Points
Helm - None
Neck - Amulet of Swirling Mists (Golden Lotus - Honored)
Shoulder - None
Cloak - Bladesong Cloak (August Celestials - Honored)
Chest - Undergrowth Stalker Chestpiece (August Celestials - Honored)
Bracers - Entombed Traitor's Wristguards (Klaxxi - Honored)
Hands - Brushcutter's Gloves (Shadow-Pan - Honored)
Belt - None
Pants - Leggings of Twisted Vines (Golden Lotus - Honored)
Boots - None

Ring 1 - Mark of the Dancing Crane (Shadow-Pan - Honored)
Ring 2 - None

Trinket 1 - Shado-Pan Dragon Gun (Shadow-Pan - Honored) - Maybe, if it scales with our mastery bonuses.
Trinket 2 - None

Weapons - None

Items Per Faction
Shadow-Pan: 2-3
Golden Lotus: 2
The August Celestials: 2
The Klaxxi: 1

Helm - Deadly Retinal Armor - Engineering (600) Epic *
Neck - Golembreaker Amulet - Jewelcrafting (575) Rare
Chest - Raiment of Blood and Bone - Leatherworking (600) Epic
Chest - Chestguard of Earthen Harmony - Leatherworking (600) Epic
Gloves - Raven Lord's Gloves - Leatherworking (600) Epic
Gloves - Gloves of Earthen Harmony - Leatherworking (600) Epic

Ring - Roguestone Shadowband - Jewelcrafting (575) Rare
Trinket - Ghost Iron Dragonling - Engineering (550) Rare
Trinket - Quilen Statuette - Archaeology (??) Rare
Trinket - Zen Alchemist Stone - Alchemy, Quest (500) Rare *

*Requires you to be proficient in the profession to equip.

Darkmoon Faire
Trinket - Relic of Xuen

Gate of the Setting Sun
Ring - Pulled Grenade Pin - Saboteur Kip'tilak
Belt - Impaler's Girdle - Striker Ga'dok
Helm - Swarmcall Helm - Commander Ri'mok
Boots - Treads of Fixation - Raigonn

Mogu'shan Palace
Helm - Crest of the Clan Lords - Kuai the Brute
Weapon - Claws of Gekken - Gekken
Bracers - Groundshaker Bracers - Xin the Weaponmaster

Scarlet Halls
Houndmaster Braun - Nothing
Shoulder - Harlan's Shoulders - Armsmaster Harlan
Belt - Bindburner Belt - Flameweaver Koegler
Neck - Scorched Scarlet Key - Flameweaver Koegler

Scarlet Monestary
Legs - Legguards of the Crimson Magus - Thalnos the Soulrender
Brother Korloff - Nothing
Trinket - Flashing Steel Talisman - High Inquisitor Whitemane

Instructor Chillheart - Nothing
Jandice Barov - Nothing
Boots - Bone Golem Boots - Rattlegore
Lilian Voss - Nothing
Trinket - Searing Words - Darkmaster Gandling

Shado-Pan Monastery
Chest - Azure Serpent Chestguard - Gu Cloudstrike
Master Snowdrift - Nothing
Bracers - Bladed Smoke Bracers - Sha of Violence
Weapon - Crescent of Ichor - Sha of Violence
Weapon - Ke'eng, Breath of the Shadow - Taran Zhu
Ring - Seal of Hateful Meditation - Taran Zhu
Shoulders - Shadowspine Shoulderguards - Taran Zhu

Siege of Niuzao Temple
Neck - Engraved Amber Pendant - Vizier Jin'bak
Gloves - Archer's Precision Grips - Commander Vol'jak
Cloak - Aerial Bombardment Cloak - General Pa'valak
Chest - Galedodger Chestguard - Wing Leader Ner'onok
Weapon - Ner'onok's Razor Kater - Wing Leader Ner'onok

Stormstout Brewery
Ook-Ook - Nothing
Pants - Hopping Mad Leggings - Hoptallus
Weapon - Gao's Key Tapper - Yan-Zhu the Uncasked

Temple of the Jade Serpent
Cloak - Wind-Soaked Drape - Wise Mari
Trinket - Windswept Pages - Lorewalker Stonestep
Ring - Signet of Dancing Jade - Liu Flameheart
Hands - Hopecrusher Gauntlets - Sha of Doubt

A slightly different version of this list will be showing up over on Totem Spot. For you resto/elemental types, Binkenstein has already completed a list for you, which can be found here.