Thursday, October 10, 2013

Updates - I Live, I Promise

Hello everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been posting a whole lot over the past few months. This has partially been due to a certain lack of get up and go on my part where writing about World of Warcraft is concerned, while on the other hand I have been ridiculously busy with raiding, pet battling, alting, and of course general real life things.

The intent of this post is to touch base with you guys.

The Blog
I'm slowly trying to update everything here on World of Saz so that it's current with the 5.4 changes. Several of the older guides have already been brought up to date, though the "Need to Know" guide(s) have yet to be touched (correction: now updated!). I hope to have this squared away within the next few days from when this post is written. I'm also working on reorganizing links/pages in attempts to clean this place up some.

The Game
- Raiding: I am raiding once again. I'm back up to three nights a week with the new team, however I'm only on an 8 hour raid schedule. Even with limited hours, we're doing work. Loving it so far.
- Twitterland Raiding: TLR is still going strong. I've been hosting a Flex run every Saturday, which has been going pretty well. We're also currently working our way through the t14 achievements.
- Soloing: I'm still soloing from time to time, and videos of my antics can be found over on my Youtube page. Current challenges are Proving Grounds (ugh, FPS loss is killing me in this patch), tier 11, and Heroic Lich King 25. The latter two goals are slightly more gear dependent than what they were previously, thanks to some talent tweaks in 5.4. I still have hopes to tackle it all within the month though.
- Stuff: I'm addicted to pet battling/leveling. My collection is getting a bit crazy. Not a super huge fan of the Timeless Isle, but quality time is coming since I need a ton of pets from there yet. Rare farming is my bane.

As of late, I've been uploading a ton of videos over on my Youtube page. Unfortunately I've been heavy on the boss kill and solo videos, but super light on the guides. There's still a ton of Enhancement content going up though, with a side of Resto and Elemental mixed in. Assuming that I ever get around to recording myself again (re: gain the metaphorical balls), I'd very much like to get more guide material up. We'll see, though I make no promises.

As always, I'm highly active both in game and on Twitter. I'm also pretty easy to reached through either the comments on this blog or through the email I have listed here in the Contact tab. While I may not be the quickest at getting guides or general shaman content out these days, I'm still always up for answering any and all questions related to shaman. Please don't hesitate to pick my brain! Also, if people pester me enough I may just get around to posting more.

I hope you're all doing well and I hope to get more content out to you soon!
~ Saz