Monday, November 1, 2010

Werk Werk...

Alright, I think I may almost be done posting for a few hours! There will be at least one more post directly after this one, but it's more for simple linkage than anything else.

Whew, one large article/guide project up and finished, four to go! This may be a long week...

I also tossed in a totem guide in the mix of things that I had written up for some guildies a while back. Everything on it should pretty much be up to date, save for the information on the Cleansing Totem. I'm also still a bit off kilter from some of the new talent changes (Searing Totem for example) and how they affect totems and their usage. Since I have yet to get back in game, I'm still not 100% certain on totems. I'll update that guide as soon as I'm sure as to what's going on with that whole mess.

I'll be tossing in a new link box for easy access to the guides that I put up. If any navigational issues pop up, please let me know. I'm sure I'll flub with something here soon, since I'm kind of putting out a ton of stuff at once.

Needless to say, so far this has been a ton of work, but I'm rather excited to get all of this up and running! Hopefully someone somewhere will get some good use out of all of this ^_^

Edited to add: So I've just noticed my severe lack of pretty pictures in my posts. This blog is starting to look like a wall of text! I'm sorry about this, and I'll attempt to add more color in here soon!

Edit numba deuce: I tossed in a few images just to save a few eyes from the bleeding generally caused by overly large walls of text. Some may not be relevant, some just may be! Okay, I'm kind of lacking in the relevant department right now so there will still be a severe lack of breaks in the wall of text until the time I'm able to easily correct that. I'll keep adding in images though as/if I find them : P

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