Thursday, November 18, 2010

OMG the Cuteness!!!

Just as I was about to call it a night, a retweet by Allison Robert - who is one of the writers that works on Shifting Perspectives at WoWInsider -  that was directed @WoWInsider caught my eye. It simply stated "Have some cuteness for your day <3" It then proceeded to share this fan art link.

I am so in love. I'd take all of them home!!!

In other non-related WoW news, I caught another tweet by AOTS (Attack of the Show on G4 for those of you who may live under a rock) which gave a link to their interview with the cast of Harry Potter. Gingers really are the greatest super heroes of all time, I'm fairly certain of this! I really can't wait for this movie to come out on DvD (I don't do movie theaters, no matter how good a movie it will be). Pretty excited, to say the least!

There's my last bit of nerdery for the evening, enjoy the links!

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