Monday, November 1, 2010


Once again two weeks have somehow flown by despite my being bored out of my gourde due to lack of internet time. Thankfully I've managed to keep myself semi-busy with a small list of WoW-related projects. Here's a quick run down of what I've been up to!


First up we have articles. The first of several that I've been working on is posted below this particular post. How to Become a Raider is actually a three part article and I wrote it with a friend of mine in mind. Parts two and three of this particular guide will probably be up either tomorrow or the day after.

I have five total articles/guides in the works right now, though only three are "completed" at this point in time. I hope to have these all reformatted (I highly recommend to NOT use Notepad if you ever plan on transferring something to a different's not a happy time) with links active in the next few days.

Now, keep in mind that I have been working on these articles sans an internet connection or access to WoW post 4.0.1. If there are any mistakes or information I've missed, please say something! I'd like these buggers to be as useful and accurate as possible, and sadly I'm well aware of the fact that I'll miff something up along the lines due to my currently patchy online access.


Next on our list of fun things that Saz has been working on is my video! Prior to leaving this last time I managed to transfer all of my old screen shots from my external hard drive over to my laptop (hey, if WoW can't fit, may as well stuff this shell with pictures right?!) and uh, let's just say that I have a few. 17,438 at the last count actually, with only a few duplicates. Honestly there would probably be a few more, but thanks to several viruses and one melted hard drive the number was lowered a bit!

Anyways, I wanted to do something with those screen shots, so I kind of did a memorial video. Despite a few minor formatting issues, I'm rather fond of it. You can go check out Reflection over on my Youtube page.


The Jenesee Project - I've been doing some minor work on the Jenesee story line, but for now this project is basically halted thanks to 4.0.1. I'll explain why in a bit. Regardless of this project's temporary delay, I've been doing some much needed character development and will be doing some research during my stay.


Milly Bays - No idea where this project currently stands. Possibly more on this later.


The OA Project - Still on the edge of the recycle bin due to computer issues. This five part project may never see completion, especially since the original idea behind it needs to be completed before December 7th...I don't see this happening unless some sort of miracle happens. Sad day batman...sad day indeed.


Mmm, that's it project-wise I think. So, this whole issue with me having to postpone or even think about tossing some projects out...simply put, my laptop and computer luck sucks. No lies. OA is postponed thanks to a blown CPU that isn't replaceable, Jenesee is postponed due to the fact that my laptop only has a 40g hard drive and thanks to 4.0.1 WoW no longer fits no matter how much I strip out of my machine (hence why I had been using Notebook to write my articles in instead of Microsoft Word, which would make things 10x easier. I had completely stripped out Microsoft Office in hopes to make a bit more room, but in the end it simply wasn't enough). It's rather frustrating to be held back by silly things like CPUs and hard drive space, but I'm resourceful, even if I am a bit tapped out at the moment. Much like how low fps has actually helped me in a weird way become a better player in WoW, I'm sure these set backs will somehow shape me into some more clever beast in the future : P

So yes, for now my in game experience is limited and there's unfortunately no time frame as to when I'll make my return to Azeroth. As I said earlier, if you have anything to add or correct to any of my guides, please say something. Thanks to my wonky circumstances I'm certain to miss a few large key points no matter how many times I reread these things or how much digging I do.

I <3 feedback.

I suppose that's all for the moment. More to come after I've slept a bit!

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