Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Thursday!

It's that time of the week again. I'm sure you're all waiting on pins and needles for the latest installment of Hoarders, aren't you? I knew it! Well, I'll be putting that up shortly, but first! I feel the urge to babble about what I've been doing. Go ahead and roll your eyes if you'd like, I'd just like to keep a record of the order of events that have been going on as of late.

It's what, day 3 now of me looking for Nuramoc? Still no sign of him. Matter of fact, I'm watching for him right now. Mad multi-tasking skill, eh?

The past two days have consisted of rep grinds for me on both my Shaman and Druid. Tonight mainly consisted of me spending an unhealthy amount of gold on the Thorium Brotherhood rep. I'm roughly half way through revered, so hopefully just another run or two through MC and I'll have enough cores to pop me through exalted. On the topic of MC, I got no Sulfron Ingot love yet again, nor did I get any Blood of the Mountain love. I did however score two relatively cheap ingots on the AH a bit ago (800gish...not bad imo), but now that I'm back down to 20k gold, I put a halt to my purchases for the evening. Hopefully I can get the last of what I need for the legendary mace verrrry soon here. I'm getting close!

Last night (that is to say, 24 hours ago) I managed to get Kelebek her Bloodsail Admiral title, which was pretty exciting. Now just to get that on Saz as well! First things first though, I must finish the Scepter quest line...which I actually have good news about. That book bit that didn't drop off of Onyxia? It was restored to me by a very sweet GM. I also bugged him about a few other minor things...a UI bug for one that I'm having on Saz, which he emailed me a fix for, and for two I pestered him about my Spirit Wolves AI. Lately they've taken a liking to going after mobs that are no where near me. Like, opposite of a large room no where near me. Apparently they didn't have any flags about it, so hopefully they'll dig into it and fix them soon. Doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it's usually right before they despawn and I end up being a dead Shaman on defloor (insert a Jose Jalapeno accent onto that last bit). So uh...yeah, the blue part of my scepter chain is almost done! I just need 6 more Elementium Ingots (oh boy...that's gonna hurt the wallet), and to finish the red quest. One more little step after these two are completed, and then I believe I'm done! I'm actually really nervous about making it by next nervous I mean hella worried. Like, bad.

Also on the topic of rep AND the scepter quest line, one more complete run through AQ40, plus turning in all the bits for my AQ gear (which I have all but one idol I believe), plus the rest of the scepter chain, and I should just barely squeak out an exalted rep with the Brood. Kinda pumped.

So! The to do list for this week is kind of a doosy. 
- Get a full clear AQ 40 run.
- Get the full AQ 40 gear set.
- Clear BWL and successfully do the red quest (/scared to mess it up)
- Finish the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest line
- Farm MC trash for cores and Blood of the Mountains
- Find Nuramoc and make him mine!
- Maybe get some peeps to run BT so I can finally be exalted with the Ashtongue Deathsworn 
- Get Bloodsail Admiral on Saz
- BG farm to the best of my laggy abilities to get the last tabard needed for Twenty-Five Tabards 
- Level the DK a little more so I can go mining without dying.
- Remember to eat/sleep/shower/drink/do other general RL things

This, my friends, is a horribly daunting list. I WILL get this done though! I'm determined...crazy...but determined.

Innnnn other news, as neat as this pre-Cataclysm event is, it needs to be done. The earth shaking, the invasion, the constant slaughter of my poor little alts as they try to check the mailbox for the newest shipment of gold needs to be over with already. Today I moved all three of my bankers to the Exodar simply because every time I logged over to them, I saw the following:

Never failed. Amazingly only my Mage managed to not die to the elementals, though she came close last night. Her hearth was set to Shattrath, so moving her was no big deal (I've since learn how to teleport on her, thanks to the trainer in Shatt). The Paladin and Warrior were a different story though. The Pally only died once while on her way to the docks of Stormwind...the Warrior? He got his poop pushed in twice. Irritating to say the least. All I wanted to do was mail things from my guild bank to Saz...

What was kinda neat at first has just become a royal hassle, especially now that everyone's lost interest and the invasions seem to last three times as long now simply because no one cares. Go go Deathwing, destroy some shiz so we can go back to semi normalcy, kthnx.

My wish of the week - besides wishing that my list of things gets accomplished that is - is wishing I had something that could fraps Deathwing destroying the royal crap out of Azeroth. If anyone's doing something of that nature and posting it on youtube, hook me up with a link! I'm sure it'll still be cool in the low settings/low fps version, but I long to see Deathwing in all his destructive glory! So yeah, hook a girl up ;  )

Okay okay, enough Saz babble. I'll go get to putting this week's Hoarders up.

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