Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hoarders: Azeroth Edition - My Pet Rocks

Welcome to another week of Hoarders, Azeroth Edition! This time around I'd like to get into the topic that first actually got me thinking about doing a hoarders series, Dawn Moore's collection of rocks. Well, this segment maybe not specifically dedicated to her particular collection, but she was part of what inspired today's post! That, and earlier this week a Hunter buddy of mine threw a Happy Fun Rock to my Rogue, and needless to say it made my day/week/month. Now I have rocks on the brain.

Image found on Google. Does not belong to me!

Generally the average player doesn't think about rocks at all when they play WoW. Usually they're seen as a bother to have in one's bags or at best something to vendor. Have you ever taken the time to look at your bag of pebbles and realize that you may very well have a treasure in there? No two rocks are exactly alike after all.

There are many, many different types of rocks that one could collect from various places around Azeroth. Some are really fun, others are just "pretty" is even the type you may want to try to avoid if you're a bit superstitious. By now I bet you're just bouncing around anxiously, waiting for me to get to the list. I shan't make you want any longer then!


Happy Fun Rock - Probably one of my most favorite items in game. No lies. This particular rock will drop off of various mobs in Dire Maul.

Pet Rock - Isn't he cuuuuute?!?! I so want one of these lil guys! Apparently the Pet Rock's drop zone is a bit mysterious, but he's definitely out there. I highly suggest reading the comments in the link for this one, it should provide you all with a few laughs.

Slap Rock - "Slap an egg between two slap rocks, BAM, you got breakfast. Slap a muffin in there, POW, you got a waffle." Yes, that's what really it says. Win.

A Pretty Rock - How can you tell? This rock drops off of mobs in various zones/instances. See the link for specific details.

A Very Pretty Rock - They get even prettier! Apparently you can't really tell the difference between this rock and the plain old pretty rock though. This one drops from mobs in Northrend.

Colorful Rock - I personally can't see it...maybe it's my lighting? This particular rock drops off of various mobs from a handful of different zones/instances. Check the link for more information.

Lucky Rock - Apparently you must be pretty lucky to get this rock. It supposedly only comes out of a Primitive Chest, which is located in the Ghostlands, and has a fairly low drop rate.

Very Unlucky Rock - I have one of these. I haven't seen a difference in my luck thus far, but then again my luck was pretty crummy to begin with! If you'd like to try to obtain this rock, pop on your fishing hat and grab your fishing pole. It drops out of a Bag of Shiny Things, which is a reward for various fishing dailies.

Rock - It's just a rock. Nothing terribly fancy. Somehow you fish this thing up in Northrend...with a hook. Takes some mad talent to fish up a rock!

Rock Chip - It's a regular chip off the old rock! Yeah yeah, I suck at making funnies. See the link if you're interested in knowing where to get a part of a rock.

Shattered Rock Fragments - I think these are bits and pieces from faulty Slap Rocks.

Pretty Pebble - They can be found all over the place!

Small Pebble - Most often found in a traveler's shoe.

Polished Pebbles - Considered "projectiles." These were once used by Hunters as bullets. I'm not sure if these are obtainable any longer (probably with the new ammo system they have been removed from the game).

Smooth Pebbles - Same story as the Polished Pebbles. Hunters stuck 'em in guns and blasted them at people, animals, and occasionally trees.

Shiny Polished Stone - A rock that can be picked up in Outlands and various places around Azeroth.

Banded Stone - Found in Northrend.

Black Stone - Found in both the Ruins and the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. Has an item level of 60.

Cracked Stone - Found in Deepholm/Uldum once Cataclysm launches.

Glimmering Stone Chip - It's...shiny! Only drops off of Iron Rune Golems in Howling Fjord.

Jagged Piece of Stone - Can be found in various places. 'Tis why I give you a link!

Keening Stone - Another new rock to be found come Cataclysm. Drops in Deepholm and Uldum.

Lifeless Stone - Drops from pretty much everywhere. It's been a plague in my bags for years now.

Prismatic Stone Chip - Drops quite a bit in Northrend.

Pry Stone - Your guess is as good as mine...

Scintillating Stone Shard - Another Northrend rock.

Shattered Stone - The life of a Northrend rock must be hard.

Smooth Stone Chip - Fairly common bits of stone.

Translucent Polished Stone - Oooooh, preeetty. Can only be found from the Iron Rune Golems apparently.

Now we have our run of the mill stones that are mined by..well, miners. These are typically used by Jewel Crafters, Engineers, and Black Smiths. Rough Stone, Coarse Stone, Heavy Stone, Solid Stone, Dense Stone

Ice Chip - This item taught a player the Frigid Frostling pet, and item that dropped out of the Satchel of Chilled Goodies that Ahune the Frost Lord dropped, Midsummer Fire Festival 2010. It makes me a sad Shaman to not have this little guy! To see images of him, follow the "Frigid Frostling" link that is provided.

Pebble - Last, but definitely not least, we have Pebble. He's actually a non-combat pet! He will be the reward for the Rock Lover achievement in Cataclysm!!

There is actually quite a list of stones that one could come across, but unfortunately about half  of what I have seen are actually quest items, not collectibles. Therefor, you cannot find them in this list.


So there you have it! Now that you have a rather large list of rocks for you all to go out and collect, I should expect to see some screen shots of some epic collections, right?

Oh! I have a random bonus item to share with you all today. Looking for rocks can often turn up some rather odd items. Rockin' Powder is such an item. I can only imagine what that may be used for...(read the tool tip, you may understand what I'm getting at).

Until next time, happy hoarding!