Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Adventuring

Hooo boy, the past few days in Azeroth have been a bit busy. This post may end up a bit more lengthy than my usual posts, and will most certainly be image heavy.

Once again my Priesty friend had an idea for an adventure, and we set out to go exploring. She had heard about a hidden farm out the Eastern Coastline of Hillsbrad Foothills. So, off we went!

It was a quiet little farm run by two male ginger Dwarves. They had a little house, a pen for their rams, a plethora of cats, and a ton of rodents. The outhouse smelled of roses. The Dwarves had an amazing dock, which sadly was devoid of any boats or chairs.

Wanting to see more hidden places around Azeroth, we set out to find Quel'Thalas. And find it we did!

Soon she left me to go see Harry Potter, but of course my adventuring didn't stop there. I went off to ZG, then proceeded to attempt to farm for Nuramoc some more. Soon I grew weary of Netherstorm though, and decided to move on to Northrend. Since then I've been attempting to camp Arcturis, and when I bore of waiting for him, Gondria. Sadly, neither have yet to spawn, but I did acquire one new pet!

His name is Mikey, named after my WoW buddy who had passed away a few months ago. I must say, I've never much fancied Wind Serpants until now, but I think this guy is really freaking cool. I got him on one of my rounds through Zul'Drak while looking for Gondria. Speaking of Zul'Drak, I've been making an awful lot of Horde Hunter buddies out there. One even logged over to a level 1 Alliance toon to say hi to me! They've been very sweet so far, wishing me luck and /waving. It's things like this that makes me happy to be on a PvE server : D

In other news, I've been slowly working on both my Death Knight and my Rogue. Not much to report on them, other than I got to do the quest where you have to save the baby Murlocs over in Borean Tundra on the DK! It's pretty much my most favorite quest ever. Baby Murlocs are the cuteness. If only they stayed that way....

My Rogue had a run in with the Elemental Invasion of Stormwind the other day. Thankfully stealth allowed her to simply look on without getting nuked.

Yesterday saw the finishing of the red portion of the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest line (WHOOO HOOO!!!). I have some of the most awesome of WoW friends, and they helped me get through the torture chamber that is Blackwing Lair. While in BWL there was a spot of trouble with two of the three Elementium Ingots that dropped: only one ended up in my bags. Thankfully a GM was able to restore them to me this morning, and off I went to the Swirling Maelstorm to take on Maws!

So the most epic quest line of all quest lines is now complete. Even though I didn't get to bang the gong, get a uber nifty mount, or a fancy dancy title, I still had quite a bit of fun.

Since I have been driving myself a bit mad with farming Spirit Beasts on the Hunter, I decided to do a bit of lag PvP on Saz. I honestly should have ran a heroic or two before hand just to get used to my new HealBot bindings. I had some rather unnecessary deaths simply due to me not knowing my dispel combination or using the wrong heal in the wrong situation. Over all I did okish despite not really being able to go after objectives due to excessive lag. I managed to score some killing blows though and after the first rocky BG I was able to stay in the top 5 with healing done. 

A word of advice: If you lag, don't attempt to do AV. Most of my deaths were caused by lag. I simply couldn't heal in time/run away. It's also incredibly headache inducing, and I'm not just talking about the 12 year olds bickering about why we're losing because everyone's actually makes me motion sick if I lag too hard for too long. I should only have to suffer through a few more lag BGs though before I have my tabard that I'm needing. Hopefully I can be done with that either later on today or Monday.


I think that's all I have to report for now on the adventuring front. Blog-wise, the "Projects" tab is now live and I should be updating that regularly, both the "About Me" and "Contact" tabs are completely live, and the "Photo Gallery" is slowly being brought up to fully being live. I should be getting these finished completely in the next few days.

Stay tuned for more adventures, articles, and updates!

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