Monday, November 1, 2010

New Hunter Pet!

I'm gonna take a short break from working on the How to Become a Raider guide to share this guy!

Prior to nodding off this morning I was looking over on Petopia for new kinds of Hunter pets that I can go tame once I'm reunited with my own little Hunter. What I found (amongst several other new and neat hunter pets to be tamed in Cataclysm) is this little Ghost Deep Sea Crab! Since the Hunter's stable holding capacity has been risen, I've had this plan in the back of my mind to collect all the rare spirit beasts and a few other rare spawn tamables. This guy here is certainly going on my list! He's so pretty and...spectrally! (Spectrally is now a new word, simply because I say so!) He would certainly make a very fun addition to my someday fleet of ridiculous pets.

Okay, enough geeking. Back to work for me!

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