Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Project Update Post

It's been a busy week thus far for me in the land of the internet, one that will hopefully be fruitful. Even so, I've really been struggling with trying to throttle back on the post overload. Besides my personal RL projects that I have going on, here's a short list of the WoW/Blog related projects and their standings.

Existing Projects
- Project OA: Still hanging out near the waste basket. The possibility of this project getting completed is depleting daily.
- Project Jenesee: Aka Body and Soul. Still benched. If all goes well this week though, I may have a way to get some progression on her and her storyline.
- Guides: I probably won't be putting out too many more of these unless I'm specifically asked. Most of these are done for a little Warlock friend of mine, and they're more or less done by request. If you'd like a guide written up by me, by all means ask and I'd be happy to spend some time working on that for you!
- The Scepter Quest: Again, if all goes well this week, I may have a way to get back onto my WoW account and complete this quest line! If that does indeed happen, expect to see a few posts on my progression through that epic event.
- Milly: Assuming that schedules line up, we may actually see her project come to life in the next month or so.

New Projects
- Hoarders: Azeroth Edition: This is my new blog project, and I'm very excited about it! Expect to see weekly* installments for this topic.

For convenience sake I'll be putting up links to the "big" articles/guides that I write up, and they shall be located under either "Hoarders: Azeroth Edition" or "Saz's Guides". Both of these sections will remain located in the left hand column of this blog. Now that I have a new layout, they can be found to the right ; )

*Weekly posts shall be made assuming that I manage to get my paws on a stable internet connection. If I fail in that attempt, you can expect to see them at least bi-weekly.

As far as other postings are concerned, I will probably continue to add in random rambling posts and opinion posts when I get the itch. Someday I will have a more organized site that will contain an area for Saz babble, another for my guides and articles, and another for even guest posts! For now though, I will try to sort things to the best of my abilities to make this place a bit easier for you all to navigate.


Updates regarding myself and that which is Azeroth.

Well, last night I ordered myself an external hard drive. Yeah, I'm going to be laggy as all get out still, but at least I should be able to get my account back up and running. I'm reeeeally hoping that running WoW off an external hard drive will work. If it does (please, oh please do!) I'll be able to finish up the Scepter Adventure, obtain the Bloodsail Admiral title, grind out a few more reputations before they poof, farm some new pets on my Hunter, and be able to work on Jenesee. I've been running on a trial account to talk with my online friends, but it just isn't the same...

The upside of bothering with the trial account (these are really quite horrible to play on, I've decided) is that I've gotten a chance to gander at some of the new changes. Leveling from 1-20 is incredibly quick and easy compared to how it used to be. Starting out as a Hunter now comes with a pet, you can get cat form as a Druid at level 8, and Warriors are far less boring now at a little level. One downside that I've come across: I'm all about leveling semi-hybrid with my specs...the new system stops you from that. Luckily the spec bonuses more or less make up for that. There's been a few other negative changes that I've heard about, such as the level at which you now learn how to conjure water with as a Mage (upside, apparently they give you the ability to teleport to ALL cities at a rather low level, as opposed to the old system of 'seek and learn' at various levels). Hunter focus isn't all that bad at a low level...I can see management being slightly problematic at level 80, but it shouldn't be too horrible.

Overall, from what I've seen so far 4.0.1 is pretty slick. Still a bit sad that it's too large for my current hard drive, but what can you do? The elemental invasion event is kinda cool, though I did get nuked pretty bad by some fire elementals on my trial feral Druid and the earthquakes, while charming at first, are beginning to become as obnoxious as "The ice crystal has melted!" spam that happened a few years ago.

Anywho, that's about all I have to say for now! Sorry again for the lack of shiny pictures, expect more of those in the next few posts!

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