Thursday, November 25, 2010

Minor Update on Things and Stuff

Just as the title states, this is yet another update post : P

For those of you who may have been interested in this week's installment of "The Rack," I'm terribly sorry that I didn't get around to it. I've been semi busy and incredibly unorganized. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to get to that.

Yes, you read that right: weeks.

Later on tonight, weather permitting, I should be heading home once again. This means no more internet for a bit. I'm not a fan, but sadly that's how things are. Therefor it may be a few weeks before you see another post from me.

I know I know, I can hear all your hearts breaking. Don't you fret though, I always return!


WoW-wise I've been keeping busy. New fishing/cooking dailies, more exploring, new pets are being tamed know, the usual pre-Cataclysm activities.

If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend going out to Gilneas to explore. Sure it's a ghost town, but it has some beautiful structure to it and amazing little details galore (creepers in the windows, news papers blowing down the streets, etc). I've also decided that Greymane Manor is mine. Seriously, I want to live there.

 Greymane Manor entry hall.

 Streets of Gilneas

 Creepers in the windows.

 Accidents happen. Gravity works.

The Cathedral

I wish more than anything that I could present these images to you in a higher quality. The details of this place must be pretty spectacular in a higher resolution. All the more reason for you all to go spend a bit of time exploring this place for yourselves  : P


Hunter pets...yes, I've been more than a bit obsessed lately, but can you really blame me? I'm a hoarder after all, and there's just soooo many new pets to claim as my own. The latest added to the collection? Why, a monkey of course!

This is Zulu. He came with me to explore Gilneas. He's kinda cool, though I may just like the fox a bit more. Neither of the new guys can beat my spirit beasts though!


If you haven't already, go check out some of my new tabs that are located up on the top of my blog. All of them are now live, and I have a pile of screen shots all put into nifty slide shows over in the Photo Gallery. You can certainly expect more to be added later on in that department : )


Well, that's it from me for a bit. Hopefully luck will shine upon me and I'll return sooner than expected. Until then though, keep collecting and have fun!


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