Sunday, March 8, 2015

Shaman WeakAuras

I've been slowly getting more into using WeakAuras, as you can display a lot of useful information with this addon that otherwise may be hidden or not easily referenced in the middle of an encounter.

Currently I'm only using four different strings of auras, with plans on expanding upon them once I return to the game. My focus has been on managing Liquid Magma optimally and tracking my defensive uptimes. These auras originate from pre-existing strings put together by other players, modified slightly to suit my specific needs and to fit the theme of my layout.

Shamanistic Rage Activation/Duration
Icon shows up when Shamanistic Rage is activated, bar to the left counts down the remaining duration of the ability.
Tier 15 Defensive Activation/Duration
Talent specific icon shows up when any of the abilities are active. Each variation shows the duration of the ability. To the left of the SBT icon, the current shield strength will be displayed. NG portion still needs tweaks, but should show activation and I believe the ICD.
Fire Totem Expiration Warning
Pops up when your current fire totem has 10 seconds left on its duration. Icon adjusts to match your current fire totem. A must have for anyone running the Liquid Magma talent.
Liquid Magma Duration
Displays the duration of the Liquid Magma talent to help prevent premature clipping when refreshing fire totems.