Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm loving my extended stay here thus far. How I miss the interwebs, the lovely sunsets of Azeroth, the killing of pixel monesters! This week has been semi busy WoW-wise, Brewfest aside. Earlier this week a dear friend of mine decided that she was going to do the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest line, and that I should come along and do it too. Thus begun our journey. We collected bug bits, spoke to dragons, witnessed the Dragonflights fight against the masses of buggies....

                         (Hey! It's a guest appearance of my new pet, Oozey!)

Last night we had begun on our Charge of the Dragonflights portion of this incredibly long quest line, starting with the Green Dragonflight. Fairly simple to two woman this as enhance and shadow respectively, until we got to the Twilight Corrupter who resides in Duskwood. After having me getting MC'd twice by the bugger and nuking my poor priest friend, we figured out that he was a actually a raid boss. Needless to say that since it was getting late, we just gathered up our bits from the Hinterlands portal and parked our characters in Duskwood for the night. New tactics to be tried later today!

Ahn'Qiraji makes me really wish I had been around for Vanilla WoW raiding. Everything about this place just screams epic....from the questlines to the old stories about how bad the lag was rushing towards the gates. Now, I've managed to miss a lot of the big events that have taken place in WoW, and I'm sorely disappointed that I wasn't around to experience the things that literally changed Azeroth and how we interact with it. Soon Cataclysm will change everything for good once again. Everything familiar will become strangely new, and some of these remnants from "the good ol' days" may very well vanish. I'm really hoping to at least finish off this epic quest line before that happens though.

So much to experience, so little time!

More updates on this journey later!

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