Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WoS Search Words

Anyone who has a blog knows that more often than not you get new traffic to your site though random searches. Sometimes these searches are incredibly random indeed. I think that every couple of weeks I shall highlight some of the most common of hits (complete with explanations in case someone didn't find what they were looking for) as well as some of the more bizarre. Amusement and cake for all!

1) i cannot brain today - It's okay! I can never brain. I'm sure that this post and image is to blame for this particular word combination bringing in so many views. We all have our brainless days.

2) Saz Aggramar/World of Saz/Serenity Saz - Hi, you found me! *Gives cake*

3) Sprite Darter Hatchling 4.0.6 - I'm sure there's a few collectors out there who are wondering how to now get their hands on this little guy since Blizzard blew up the old way to get it. It is now an incredibly rare zone drop in Feralas and is available to both factions. [source] Warcraft Pets - Sprite Darter Hatchling, page 5 of comments

4) does healing stream totems stack cataclysm - Yes, Healing Stream totems will stack, but the effects of this totem are restricted to the party of the Shaman (5 people, not a whole raid). However, the resistances that come with glyphing for that totem will NOT stack, but the effects are raid wide. Hopefully those of you who have searched for the answer to that question and have landed on this site got the answer you were seeking from the water totem portion of my totem guide.

5) Michelle De Rum - This NPC is currently only available on the PTR realms, but should be joining us soon (4.1 if I recall correctly). She will be the vendor which will give us the ability to purchase the new Wintersaber Cub. To read up on this NPC and her origins, please visit this link.

6) cata shaman mounts - I'm afraid that Shaman do not get mounts in Cataclysm, nor can you mount us while we're in puppy form. Riding a ghost would be difficult after all.

7) draenei tail - Yes, Draenei have tails. I certainly hope that you weren't looking for some "Draenei tail" though, for I'm afraid that I do not cater to the pixel porn industry...unless you're a personal friend. If that's the case you *might* get a live show. I mean...what?  No, I'm an angel and my armor stays fixed on my person at all times, I promise.*ahem* Moving on...

8) How to make a Saz - Well, you see...once upon a time my parents loved each other very much. I was bestowed upon them by a stork and 24 years later I magically sprouted this wacky personality, became completely obsessed with the game World of Warcraft,  and learned how to blog. Okay, so I've been obsessed with WoW for the past three years and have had the smartass personality since I was little. I'm sure you're not really asking how to make a clone of myself though, but instead you're asking about the instrument. My apologies for not being able to help on that one.

9) does warrior need intellect gear - While our Warrior brothers and sisters may crave something more in the intellect department, they should stick to schooling to better their knowledge. Intellect gear does not help with their ability to generate rage; only getting smashed in the face or swinging a big axe or two can do that for them. Please leave the intellect gear for your Paladin brothers and sisters.

10) Does Cataclysm have totems? - Despite the fact that Blizzard took away quite a few of our totems, yes many still do exist! Matter of fact our Restoration tree will soon be getting the fabled Spirit Link totem. If you're wondering about those old totem quests though, I believe those have (thankfully) been removed from the game.

Epic search terms are epic. Many thanks to those of you who stumbled across my little corner of the blogosphere by them, they have entertained me greatly! Now please, keep searching. There's nothing more to see here!


  1. You never cease to amuse the hell out of me. I didn't know you had a wicked side..tail, side anyways I confuse myself. Fun post and thanks for the smile! Have a great day!

  2. /bows

    I have a horribly wicked side m'dear, I just try to repress it, which sadly doesn't usually work. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. HAHAHA Draenei tail...he he he

    Also, can I have a piece of that cake. I'll show you my tail, you know my Priest lives on the dark side. Pft, armor? Who needs it?

  4. Fascinating what I learned today. A Saz is a musical instrument, probably helpful in reaching serenity, eh?

    Where is the tail on this thing that gets plucked and tuned with screws? And why is my view now looking up at this gutter? At least while I wallow, I now have time listening to the music I just downloaded.

  5. @Lindsay - You actually had a piece of that cake; pretty sure that was the cake you bought me for my birthday! Those are your hooves in the image after all. For your tail though I'd happily buy another ; )

    @Kallixta - It may very well be helpful in reaching that serenity. I was pretty surprised myself to learn that there was a Turkish musical instrument called a Saz. I have a few characters that purposely have a Turkish influence in their names, but Saz was completely unintentional. I actually went on a search to find out what Saz meant after someone asked me if my real life name was Sara(h) - apparently Saz is also a semi common nickname. The things you learn about names you thought you just made up.

    The view from the gutter is kind of dirty, but it's fun in all the "wrong" ways ; ) Welcome to wear I typically reside.