Monday, April 4, 2011

20 Days of...First Blog Post (Day 9)/Blog & Website Favorites (Day 10)

Another 20 Days of... post? Why of course! This one is a double post though. With the rate that I've been going with this blog challenge it will take me months to finish it sooo...double the challenge, double the fun!

Day 9
Right, so the first portion of this post asks about our very first blog post. Now, my very first post is simply a "Hi! Just testing this thing out. Kthx bai!" or something along those lines, so I present to you my first actual post with some substance.

Fall is here...

It almost seems a bit emo to me. There I was, all wishfully toiling away my time...6.5 months later, I'm finally coming out of that phase thanks to the kindness of some of the amazing people I know. I'm a big dreamer who sometimes has a lot of trouble getting the ball rolling, what can I say?

Day 10
I've been trying to pimp out my favorite sites on my weekly update posts. This isn't to say that those sites featured, or the ones I'm about to feature are my absolute most favorite in the world, quite frankly there's too many amazing sites out there to simply choose a small handful. I'm also going to refrain from mentioning blogs simply because I cannot choose favorites. If you're curious about which blogs I read, please check out the "Resource/Blog Roll" tab that's located up at the top of this site.

WoW Insider - Where else am I going to get my news from?
MMO-Champion - Updates, data mines, forums that are fun to troll...gotta love it!
GamebreakerTV - Awesome talk shows about WoW/Rift/Star Wars: The Old Republic and then some. My personal favorite is of course Legendary (the WoW show) but they're all excellent.
Learn to Raid - Love the Circle of Healing podcast, love the forums, love getting to watch Vodka raid.
Blog Azeroth - This site has been a tremendous help to me with all of my blogging newbiness.
Twitter - This medium has introduced me to some wonderful personalities. It took me 6+ months to figure it out, but I'm glad I did.
Youtube - The parody/machinima artists/musicians that can be found on this site are a true inspiration. (Yes I'm lazy and linked my own channel. No I don't have anything worth watching on there yet. Definitely check out some of the awesome machinimas and parodies I have favorited though and give those artists some lovin'!)

Honorable Mentions:
Wowhead - Hoarders: Azeroth Edition and The Rack would be semi impossible without this site. It get's much love from me.
Warcraft Mounts/Warcraft Pets - These two sites help me keep track of what I do and do not have collection wise. Saves me many a headache when trying to figure out what I'm missing.
World of Saz - What? Am I not allowed to be completely smitten with my own site? The coding has fed on my TEARS MAN. So yeah, giving myself some self love right there 'cause sometimes it's necessary. Right? Right.

I'm sure I've missed a few sites whilst writing this list up, but as I said everything that I dig is listed up in the Resources/Blog Roll tab.

Mmm yep.

*Ends this post awkwardly.*


  1. I was about to suggest you needed to include a wonderful resource site at, but then I see you remembered before the end.