Friday, April 1, 2011

4.1.11 Shaman Changes

Well, Blizzard went and changed up Shamans again. Here are the new patch notes along with explanations as to wtf they mean.

A healing tree has been added for shaman.

What this means: LOOK MA! I CAN HEAL! *Splashes water on the Fire Mage, making them unable to cast anything ever again*

Pros: Shamans now have more role utility.

Cons: We will never DPS again.

Flame Shock, Earth Shock, Dot Shock and Frost Shock have all been combined into a new spell called Bus Shock. This ability is less exciting, less powerful and harder to use than equivalents of comparable classes, but it has a new icon.

What this means: They removed Dot Shock! Shamans let loose your tears, for today is a terrible day! Oh well, at least we can hit people with school busses now, even if it is only traveling at 2mph. BEEP BEEP!

Pros: Less shocks to track.

Cons: Doesn't look like this new ability will live up to its name.

Maelstrom Weapon, Unleash Elements, and Spiritwalker’s Grace have been redesigned as Maelstrom Totem, Unleashed Totem, and Spiritwalker’s Totem, respectively.

What this means: Everyone is going to QQ about this change, but what do you expect? We're bloody Shamans! We're the most rootin'ist, tootin'ist totem slingers around! All abilities must come through our totems. Still waiting on my "Summons many spirits, handle it!" totem.

Pros: Less abilities to hit.

Cons: More totems to manage.

The Elemental tree is now the Elementary tree, and allows use of new abilities Eat Paste, Nap Time, and the Macaroni and Glitter Totem.

What this means: The Elemental tree just got a huuuuuge buff! Now it's so easy a caveman (or a very ill-informed child who has poor eating habits) can do it.

Pros: Everyone can now relate to the Elementary tree.

Cons: You may find that you have kindergartners lurking in your raid.

The shaman now have a Totem Belt, allowing them to carry their totems with them at all times.

What this means: This can be seen as a slight nerf, as now Shamans are highly weighed down in combat. Our movement speeds can be expected to be slowed by this addition. The female Shamans (especially Draenei) should also expect a rather hefty nerf to their ability to seduce random strangers. At least we can readily squirt folks with our water totems now. "PUT 'EM TO THE SKY!!!"

Pros: Easy access to your totems at all times.

Cons: Makes you look fat.

All totem ranges reduced to 1 yard.

What this means: Well, those in the raid who wasn't a Shaman never fully appreciated the presence of totems anyways. Now we just buff ourselves. Huge buff IMO.

Pros: Shamans are now more win.

Cons: There are none! Only Shamans matter.

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  1. nice blog, I still don't get the shaman stuff, never played shaman in my life.

  2. Thanks! Don't worry about understanding any of this, it's mostly for Shaman eyes anyhow ; )

    You should give Shamans a try, they're a lot of fun!

  3. *Snorts redbull all over office*
    But I got it! I got a couple of schuuper Shammiez. I can see you've had a lot of mischievious fun with the April 1st posting! Have a great day Saz!

  4. My, you certainly get some distance with your snorting!

    I have had a lot of fun with April 1st this year. Waaaay too much fun : D Have a great day yourself!

  5. haha very enjoyable to read mate well done :)

  6. Hehe, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it : )

  7. You had me going there...

  8. I'm sure I did Gwarty, haha.