Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Updates - I Have the Coolest Friends

What's up ladies and gents, I hope your Friday is treating you well. Here's just a little update on things and stuff pertaining to myself and this little blog that you happen to be reading.

Thanks to a few incredibly generous folk I am now back to officially playing World of Warcraft. I've been pretty busy this week with getting Saz recapped and that giant quest, along with trying to get reacquainted with all of the new changes that have gone down since the last time I've been in Azeroth, essentially caused me to forget to put up today's Darkmoon Faire Friday quote. That's my story anyways and I'm sticking to it. My apologies to those of you who enjoy that segment, I'm sometimes horribly scatter-brained and I'll do my best not to repeat this situation. DMF Friday should be up next week as per usual.

As I said, I'm back and leveling my way through Cataclysm. I must say that I am absolutely loving it. The quests are engaging, the vehicle quests are for the most part fun, and the cut scenes actually help me pay attention to the story line. From what little I've seen so far I am absolutely smitten with this expansion. Also, Uldum? Epic. This evening as I was leveling through that zone my father actually turned on Indiana Jones and within five minutes the scene that played out on our television happened in game. I geeked slightly.

I don't really have any WoS specific updates this week for you all. I also sadly don't have a nice list of blogs, podcasts, or forums to pimp out to you all this week. Again, I'll blame the pre-occupation with getting back into WoW for my slackerisms. I do however have a link to this week's Storm, Earth, and Fire podcast. Episode 2 comes with 100% less white noise and is rather enjoyable. I suspect that their episodes will only get better in time. Also, I'm fairly certain that they have conscripted me into some sort slave labor or something . Not quite sure yet, and quite frankly I'm a touch concerned. Or scared. Mostly just scared.

I may have a few projects coming up in the near future, so if I accidentally disappear and give your feed readers (and your eyes) a break for a few days, don't worry! I will return at some point with tales of near epicness, or something along those lines. Chances are I'll still continue to crit all of your faces off with useless walls of text : P

So yes, nearly useless update is nearly useless. Go listen to the SEF podcast.

Saz over and out. (For now)


  1. Not useless silly! It's always enjoyable reading your stuff because your more focused on the fun of the game. Anyways, welcome back to playin!

  2. I try to, I mean it's an incredibly fun game after all! Many thanks, I'm quite excited to be back ^_^