Saturday, April 23, 2011

Of Time and Bunnies

It's Saturday. I'm wanting to do a Friday update but it's Saturday already. All week I've had this warped feeling of "What day is it...I don't even...what?" and the weekend has completely crept up on me. Weird. Let's just assume that Doctor Who swung on by and made us all a nice little portal back to Friday, shall we? Okay!

Site Updates and Junk
- The poll on the right hand side of my blog has seven days left on it. Please get your votes in now! Why? Because I'm nosy and I like seeing the results!

- My User Interface page has been updated. My UI is now mildly shinier than the turd that it was. Still not quite as pretty as I want, but much better than what it was!

- New photos to the Photo Gallery should be coming soon! Like in the next week or two.

- If you're looking for easy access to the 4.1 PTR Patch Notes for both Shamans and Druids, check out my Guides tab. If I happened to miss anything (I'm sure I did somewhere) please alert me. I'll do my best to keep patch notes updated and all that jazz, but sometimes I get into that farming mode and end up oblivious to some of the changes.

- I need some reader participation for a future Hoarders: Azeroth Edition post(s). I'd like to compile a list of "neat trinkets that do neat things" and I'm in need of some help from you all. I already have one friend in on this and she's sent me her list of all the neat trinkets she has stored away, plus I have a nice little pile of my own, but I'd very much like to make as complete of a list of possible. Credit and blog link love shall be given if you participate! If you'd like to help out in this, either list your trinkets in a comment on this post, or pop me an email at serenitysaz@yahoo(dot)com. If you email me and would like to be credited/given link love, please let me know who you are and what your blog is! Much appreciated ^_^

In-Game Updates, and More Junk
I have been playing mondo amounts of WoW as of late. I am so completely in love with Cataclysm from a non-raid/heroic stand point that I don't even know where to begin to gush. I've been questing like a mad woman (very bizarre of me, I actually hate questing), digging like the doggy-hearted Shaman that I am, and have been seriously getting my hoard on.

From a non-raider stand point, this has been a very good week for me. A very, very good week. I've accomplished a lot as far as professions go, managed to finally earn my 'the Seeker' title that I've been seeking for the past year or so, and have managed to snag a boat load of rares this week. Yes, a boat load. Most of the load on that boat came about on Tuesday, a day that was one hell of a roller coaster for me. More on that in a tick though, let me take a moment to gush over rares!

As everyone knows, Tuesdays are our maintenance days in Azeroth. That's the time when for a few hours our characters cease to breath, and the many fields and wilds of Azeroth and Outlands are strangely silent. Then the servers whir back to life, the hamster wheels once again begin to squeak, and all of the rare timers presumably have been reset and once again are ticking. 2am-5:30am (Central Standard Time) are golden times for those of us who hunt the illusive rare beasty. Oh, golden indeed. This was my Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning.

Tuesday evening: Log on, flop about, do dailies, begin to dig.
Tuesday evening (cont): More flopping, more digging, killed Seething Hate! (No image for once. What?)
Wednesday morning, 2amish: still flopping and digging, Putridus the Ancient sets off Icecrown. A short search and I kill him. Score! Two rares off of the Frostbitten Achievement! (Again, no image. Kind of surprised myself.)
Wednesday morning: Shortly after I kill Putridus I decide to go look for the Time-Lost Proto Drake. Figuring I'd be out of luck again, I flew over there. Pretty much ran straight into him within a minute of being in Storm Peaks. Kill and loot at 2:22am on the side of a mountain, he was coming from Ulduar. Much ecstatic squealing to be had!

Wednesday morning after the TLPD kill: Some more digging, looking for Skoll as I go for my Hunter. No luck.
Wednesday morning, 3amish: Real life sucker punches me in the gut. Enter roller coaster effect.

Wednesday morning, after much internal QQing: Back to digging, stumble across Dirkee! I search about for Skoll some more, but again, no luck.

Wednesday morning, 5amish: Finally tire of digging and figure that I'd do a bit of searching for my 'lectrical pup that I've been lusting over for over a year. I was camping the far northwest spot for once, and he was a no show. There were a few other Hunters in the area, and I basically assumed that they were camping Skoll as well. I flopped up to the Bor's Breath spawn point, and he wasn't there either. I pretty much thought at this point that the other Hunters were for sure camping the two spots above the village and nearly logged off. Thankfully I actually went up there anyways, because there he was hiding behind a tree!

I lubs mah new puppy : D

So yeah, even though Wednesday morning was trash for me IRL, thankfully I had WoW nearby to pick me up out of the gutter again right quick. As awkward as it may be, that rare tame positive adrenaline rush was definitely something I needed right about then. Now if only Gondria would spawn I could stop stressing about rares until I level my Hunter through the Cataclysm stuff. Oh right, I still have Aotona and King Krush to tame yet...

So yes, much excitement has been had by this little hunting hoarder. Slowly working on my Loremaster title, not to mention slowly working on getting all of the Archaeology goodies. Major thumbs up to that!

Saz IRL Junk
For those of you who follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I've been a of late. For this I apologize. I absolutely hate being in this mode, but I'm kind of all over the place right now in the emotion depo so it's been spilling over some. As I've said earlier in this post things have been a bit more roller coastery as of late than they have been in some time and I'm not completely sure about how I should be reacting. I honestly can't go into this topic any more at this moment because quite frankly I don't know all of the details myself, but let's just say that things are in awkward turtle mode for me right now. By awkward turtle I mean I'm in a situation where I don't know if I should hit my enrage button and jump into battle stance, or if I should disengage and simply shadow meld. As of right this minute I'm basically feigning death and we all know that feign death doesn't last forever. Either the boss will despawn and all will be cool or I will get some massive aggro and get my poop pushed in.

So yeah, because of all this grey trash my mind has been feeling a bit fuzzy lately. It's affecting my writing, my general focus, and my nerves are absolutely just fried. I find myself tweaking out about the littlest of things while I remain completely oblivious to the larger. This state is problematic and rather frustrating, but I shall get through it my friends. Until I manage to sort through and vendor all of this trash though (if only it translated into RL gold!) I'm going to be a bit sketchy with both in writing and with socialization in general. I'm in a funk, and I don't think even the great James Brown can shake me out of it, though he comes pretty close to getting the job done.

Time fixes all though, as do bunnies. Speaking of, Happy nearly Easter everyone! Since I feel that I should be done babbling now (I've probably gushed more than I should have), I shall leave you all with a terrifying video that I made sometime last week. It's not the greatest, for my technology is a bit outdated, but it was kinda fun to make! Maybe one or two of you will get a chuckle from it.

Please don't have nightmares.

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