Sunday, April 24, 2011

20 Days of...Bad Habits and Flaws (Day 11)

By this point it seems like my participation is no longer 20 Days of..., it's more like 20 weeks of. For those of you hoping that I'd simply give up on this challenge, too bad so sad, I'm still going to finish this!

This time around Miss Saga is asking us about our bad habits and flaws. I have a fairly healthy portion of both of these. I consider myself to be a pretty flawed person, but then again I am human and I'm more or less in the middle of some massive life transition. At least I hope it's a transition and not some state of permanent being. Right. So what exactly is it that makes me the flawed person I am? I suppose it's list time, because I like them and that's probably the best way to go about this.

Over Analysis - I over analysis and over rationalize everything. Myself, other people, situations that I'm name it, I'll probably over analyze it. I tend analyze and rationalize things until everything seems okay to me, even when I should probably be seething in rage. I also have this horrible habit of thinking about "if/then"scenarios. This habit unfortunately often detours me from doing a lot of things.

Procrastination - I am a horrible procrastinator. If I don't want to do something, I will drag my feet until the last minute unless someone really manages to motivate me. This habit to procrastinate often leads me to have much more stress than I really need, but I tend to do my best work under horrible pressure. Definitely not healthy, but somehow effective.

Motivation - If it's not an activity that I love, I have a very hard time motivating myself to get into the activity. I have a really hard time forcing myself to do things I do not enjoy.

I know I have many more flaws and bad habits than this, but I'm drawing a blank right at this moment. So yeah, for once a short post is short! Oh, another bad habit - having the intent of making a short post and turning it into a giant wall of critting text. Gotta love last minute additions!


  1. I just found it last night, and I started mine today, its never too late. =D and also in the middle of finding your egg! lolx anyway, goodluck to you too!

  2. It's a fun writing challenge! I really need to motivate myself to participate in it a little more. Hopefully you found my Easter egg alright : )