Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fidgety McGee

Hello Humpday, we meet again. What's that? Oh, it's time for another shared topic from Blog Azeroth, and it's by Akabeko? Well then, let's get to it!

Most everyone has a routine for when they play WoW, but do you have any habits that are particularly eccentric? Do you always log out in the same place, try on other's gear when inspecting, or obsessively spam a macro or trinket at weird times? Out of game, do you have to crack your knuckles every time you take a flight path, put on your PJs in order to really get into the game, or tab out immediately upon wiping?

I've definitely developed a few little "ticks" over the years with my in game behavior. I don't always log out in the same place, but I do tend to have hang out spots. From the time I rolled Saz until Wrath of the Lich King came out, I was one of those who always sat on the Ironforge bridge (side closest to the bank, left hand side looking at the bank itself). When Wrath hit my first hang out was by the mailbox nearest to the Alliance "inn" place, then it was Southbank and the mailbox near there, and towards the end of that expansion my friends and I ended up lurking by the bank in the sewers most of the time (it was slightly easier on the dinosaur computer to load there). Now-a-days I find myself pacing in the Dwarven District of Stormwind, since that's where all the cool kids hang out.

Now, in real life I'm kind of a twitchy person. If I'm not actively engaged in something I have an incredibly hard time sitting still. I'll attempt to crack my knuckles, I'll drum, I'll fidget...I have to more often than not have something occupying my mind otherwise I go a bit bonkers. I'm much the same in game; if I find myself simply sitting in game without anything to do, I will start to bounce around in circles. I was one of those people who circled Dalaran, and lately I've taken to making figure 8s around the Dwarven District on my new Raven Lord mount. Happy feet, I haz dem. If I'm waiting for a raid to begin I will either pace, harass fellow raid members with emotes (I do it out of love, I swear!), or I will sit my character down and find something to fiddle with in real life. Yes I actually sit my characters down quite often when I'm forced to wait. I tend to do this more so while in wolf or kitty form; I always run way ahead with my Shaman and Druid and sit at the last moment before getting to whatever mob or boss we're going to tackle next. I like to make my tanks nervous some days : P

I'm also a chronic screen shot taker. I have it hot-keyed to the ' button since the print screen button hasn't always been available or accessible to me through the years on various different machines. I am always tapping that damn screen shot button. Every achievement, every time I see something that makes me go "woah", whenever I'm feeling pretty that button is hit. The last time I checked I had over 17k screen shots since late BC and I yet to factor in all of the shots I've taken in the last couple of months. I'm honestly a bit concerned about being back on a Macbook because of the whole built in record feature. Yeah it's not that great (certainly doesn't hold a candle's flame to the bonfire that is Fraps), but I have a feeling that my hard drive space is going to hate me in a few months. The obsessive need to record everything because I'm so forgetful strains my storage space greatly.

I think I have a few other quirks as well, but I'm currently drawing a blank on them so I shall end this post here.