Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm back! Kind of...

What's going on everyone, I hope you all are having a great weekend! I know that I said that I was going to talk about any site updates I have on Fridays or something of that sort buuuut given all the fun stuff that was going on with it being April Fool's and all, that update got pushed to whenever it is that this will be going up. Along with the WoS updates I'm also going to pimp out a few different sites I think you all should check out and catch you all up on what's going down on my side of things, both irl and in game...yes, I said IN GAME!!

Blog Updates
- There is a new poll up on the right side of the page, please click as many buttons as your little hearts desire. I thoroughly enjoyed the results from the last poll. Many thanks to those of you who participated! Here's the final tally:

- My "Recent Achievements" feature is no longer a giant white blob! I'll get into why that is in a bit. Apologies about the temporary eye sore.

- As I said last week, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or anything else of that nature that relate to World of Saz or even just something random to ask, please don't hesitate! My email is under the About/Contact tab and I keep a close eye on my Twitter account for those of you who would prefer to contact me through that medium (the button is up top).

Things You Should Check Out
- Storm, Earth, and Fire (@StormEarthFire2) is a new podcast dedicated to the ways of the Shaman. It's run by Malozing (@Malozing) and Druzza (@Totemictimes). They're both still rather new to the world of podcasting, so please bear with them while they find their feet. Definitely look forward to some great things from this podcast!

- Learn to Raid is one of my favorite haunts. Not only is this site home to the Circle of Healing podcast, which is run by Dawn Moore (you may recognize that name from WoW Insider) and Kinaesthesia (from Vodka), but it also contains some excellent strategy videos plus and contains some very fun and still growing forums. Give 'am a look-see and if anyone asks, Saz sent you.

- Gaming Zone Forums are rather new, but I must say these guys have spunk. The goal of this forum is to provide a place for gamers of all types to come together to hang out. The fellas over there are super friendly, so feel free to swing by, make an account, and say hi. I have a good feeling about those forums, so go help make them epic!

Saz Updates
First things first, I must state that I have some of the best damn friends a girl could ask for. They're also my WoW friends, so all you folks out there who think real friendships via the internet are impossible, I'd really like to beg to differ. With that stated, I'll now proceed to go down my list of awesome (please bear with me...I'm not attempting to brag at all, I'm just incredibly excited about these updates and at the same time incredibly grateful).

- My Priesty friend who I've mentioned a few times here on WoS has done one of the most sweet things I think that anyone has ever done for me: she has sent me her old Macbook. This means that as soon as I get my mits on a new power cord, I'll be able to play WoW semi-smoothly...or at least well enough that I won't quite suffer from as much motion sickness that I currently do with my current poor quality machine. So. Freakin'. Excited! Also some love must be sent to Mrs. Priesty's husband, since he relinquished his hold on said computer, enabling her to send it to me. : P

- Along with that "new" Macbook came a prepaid WoW card, enabling me to play WoW for the next two months. While I may not have Cataclysm as of yet, I have managed to wiggle my way back to Azeroth. Seriously, my Priest friend is completely and utterly made of awesome.

- Due to the fact that I am now back to playing WoW, my Armory page will now show up. I've gotten a few messages from folks wondering why my Armory page wasn't showing, and here's why: after about three months or so Blizzard considers your account idle. Idle accounts are "hidden" and will no longer show the character's profile despite their name still showing up in the general search list. I'm sure it somehow saves server space for them in the long run or some such, quite frankly I'm not 100% sure why characters "disappear" when they're idle, but that's just my guess. Saz is back though, so please fret no longer! Hopefully soon she will be a sexy level 85 like the rest of you ; ) 

- Earlier this week (or was it last week already?) WoW Insider had a contest on both their site and on Twitter. The contest they held on their site was that of a random drawing for a D.I.S.C.O. loot card, and on Twitter they had entries explain why they thing they should win a Goblin Weather Machine. I entered both on a whim, and apparently they rather liked my answer on Twitter, and I won the Goblin Weather Machine! Thanks to the previously mentioned prepaid WoW card I was able to hop on and redeem this code last night. I kind of really geeked. I mean, not only is it a random item to use (I absolutely love random things that I can use whenever!) but it's also my first ever loot card. Soooo excited! So many thanks to WoW Insider for making me one very happy Shaman!

 - Another note of major thanks may need to be added here, but first I must scold two little Shamans quite thoroughly. More on this later.

 - I feel like I'm missing something. If I remember it later you all may have to suffer through a double or maybe even a triple post for Sunday. My apologies for the excessive amount of me. I hope you survive the encounter.

If any of you all try to get a hold of me in game and I don't respond right away, I apologize in advance. Currently I'm sporting some terrible FPS (at least until the Mac is up and running) and sometimes it takes quite a bit for things to load. Also, in the rare event that I have a DND up it's because I have let my little brother muck about on one of my characters. He's rather fascinated by the game you see, and his new favorite pastime is to take my Shaman and jump her off of cliffs (I have yet to expose him to my Druid and the wonders of bird form). He also rather likes taking adorable screen shots for me, which I will end this post with. I hope that you all have a wonderful week! <3

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