User Interface Old

My UI is still fairly simplistic compared to how I'd prefer it, but as of late I've had a slight bit of freedom in adjusting a few components of my user interface. Here's what I'm rocking currently.

This is my standing UI. Fairly clean and I've used a lot of Bartender's options to "fade out" or simply hide several of my commonly used buttons that are not used in combat.

As you can see I've hidden my reputation bar, micro menu, and bars 3 and 7 completely. They only show up if I mouse over them. Bar 4, bar 5, and my totem bar are "faded out" until I move my mouse over them. This gives me a little less eye clutter and a bit more ability to see if I'm standing in the bad.

1 - Healbot: Something that I've been using for years now. I used to also run Decursive, but thankfully Healbot now has that incorporated into its programming. I never leave home without this addon if a character has any healing abilities.

2 - Skada: In the past I've always used Recount. Skada is a similar addon that is apparently a bit lighter, so I'm currently in the process of giving it a go. Honestly I much prefer Recount's ability to be customized, but I guess Skada gets the job done.

3 - Titan Panel: This handy addon comes with a variety of plug-ins, and quite frankly I'd be lost and ill repaired without it!

4 - DoTimer: Shows both your DoTs on your target (shown under the target dummies' name plate), will show up another list if you also have DoTs on another target, and on the lower right hand side you can see my cool down list. This addon can be customized a bit to show you the information you need to know. In the past I usually turned off the cool down tracker, but I'm currently toying with the extra information.

(5) - Prat: I forgot to number the chat box, but I am using the mod Prat currently for the copy/paste functions. I keep the window blacked out for easier readability, and that can be done in the basic Blizzard interface.

One thing to note about my UI, I tend to keep a lot of addons "mobile." By this I mean addons such as Healbot, Skada/Recount, Archy, DoTimer, and even my chat box are never locked into place. On occasion I run into overlap issues (smaller screens ftl) and somethings got to be moved right then and there. Fairly rare do I have any issues with leaving my UI mobile like I do. More often than not though my interface looks much like the image above. Things don't "float" too far away from their home positions.

Not Shown
Omen Threat Meter: Typically I have this addon up and running as well, but haven't bothered to reinstall it since I haven't been running heroics or raids as of lately. Instead I've just been keeping the standard UI threat meter (shows up above the mob's nameplate) on.

Deadly Boss Mods: A staple for any raider and comes in mighty handy for heroics as well. Also highly useful for its timers in BGs and in several heroics.

NPC Scan: This is almost always running for me. This thing is the sole reason why I have Loque, Skoll, and Arcturis as pets, and Time-Lost as a mount! If it hadn't been for this addon, I would have surely missed these, along with many other rares along the way.

NPC Scan Overly: Color codes the spawn points/patting paths of various rares and puts them on top of both your mini map and your large map. Highly useful in the hunt for those illusive rares!

ArkInventory: (Shown above.) Highly useful bag addon. Has a brilliant search function that allows you to search for items across all of your cached characters. Makes looking for things in your bags/banks much easier. I usually disable it for guild banks though, as shown in the second image.

Archy: (Shown above.) A handy little addon for those of you who enjoy Archaeology. It basically tracks which dig sites you have for your current continent, gives you a nice little solve survey button, tracks how many bits you have collected for each race for that particular continent, and allows you to solve without having to flip through a bunch of pages through the standard interface.

Postal: Removes all or select mail items from your mailbox with one click. This is an absolutely amazing addon for those of you who like to put up multiple auctions at once and just want a simple "open all" function. Also allows you to pick and choose which items to open, and can open multiple mails with a few short clicks. An awesome time saver.

!BugGrabber: All those lua errors? With this thing they're gone! Kind of. Definitely helps to clean things up a bit and keeps things functioning a bit better.

Cellular: Puts whispers into a box of their own. Great for keeping conversations in order. Has tab capabilities, can be minimized (can auto minimize and I believe hide if you go into combat), and comes with a quite little noise to alert you when you get a new whisper.

It's still not ideal by any means right now, but it gets the job done!