Monday, May 2, 2011

20 Days of...A Usual Day in My Life/Online Time (Day 12)

I've been slacking on the 20 Days of... challenge as of late. Well, here's another installment of said challenge, and today is day 12!

For this day we're supposed to talk about a typical day in our lives. Well...

It goes a little something like in that video.

...Alright, so I don't always wake up in the morning feeling like a pro and I rarely PvE content these days. Quite frankly that video speaks more to how I was back in Wrath of the Lich King than my daily schedule as of now, but I like it still, so there you go.

These days it's a bit of a mash up, my schedule. Often my day consists of me waking up, doing the food thing and whatever other real life things that need to get taken care of, then it's logging into WoW. Now, what I do when I log in isn't really so habitual anymore. I used to be really good about logging into my banker toons first and taking care of that business, but now that happens pretty sparingly. Usually I just pop online as Saz, do my dailies (if I don't do them when I first log in, I'll do them prior to logging off for the day), chat with my people, and then either suffer the stomach pains of running heroics or have a blast in some PvP badness. Once I log off for the night I tend to do a few things; sometimes I'll read, sometimes I'll write (I need to get back into this habit, I've been slacking!), or sometimes I'll just catch up on a bunch of videos on Youtube or watch television, provided there's something good on.

For the most part, my schedule is fairly boring. I'm honestly a pretty boring person who doesn't like a ton of shift in my schedule, so unfortunately I can't entertain you all with "Well I wake up every morning, drink my super juice, bench press 400lbs, save a bunch of puppies, pump out an amazing comic book, get the phone number of 5 sexy ladies and 8 sexy men, do my laundry, win a contest, volunteer at an old person's home, and then I have lunch" or something of the like. I'm just not that epic! Sad, but true.

So yes, there you have it. A boring day in the life of Saz : P

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