Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saz's Weaponry of Choice

I really do enjoyed the shared topics over at Blog Azeroth, so here I am participating once again! This week's topic is brought to us by Kallixta.
Is your favorite weapon something with strong memories for you? Is it something that just works well for RP purposes? Or maybe the balance of abilities meshes better than normal to your spec and play style?
Now, I've had numerous favorite weapons over the years. I typically love certain weapons for how they look, as opposed to how they perform. Take for instance my Pride/Greed set. I love these two fist weapons to death. I received Greed on my first run through the Culling of Stratholme heroic, and prior to that I had no knowledge of this fist weapons existence. Soon after I discovered that Pride was purchasable from a vendor. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. I wore my "oven mits" for many many months, until I managed to snag Calamity's Grasp from Kel'Thuzad in Naxxramas and had replaced Pride with Angry Dread. All four of these items were not only rather incredible for my Enhancement Shaman self, but most importantly I thought that they were incredibly neat looking. It's all about the looks, right? Right.

My ultimate favorite weapon though? Hammer of the Naaru.

Yeah, I was a bad Shaman back in Burning Crusade. I was dual wielding all the way through Karazhan, but once I got this bad boy out of Gruul's Lair, dual wielding was done with until I got my paws on my afore mentioned oven mits in Wrath of the Lich King. Matter of fact, I was still using my Hammer of the Naruu the first time I stepped into Naxxramas. Very, very bad Shaman indeed.

I eventually learned the importance of dual wielding as an Enhancer though, and thanks to my oven mits I have have a very soft spot for fist weapons to this day. I also have a pretty huge weakness for axes. Mmm axes.

Now, if we're talking about my Druid, I'm all about my staves. Sure, there are some pretty neat polearms out there, don't get me wrong. Most staves that you run across though are just...sweet looking. Journey's End is by far my all time favorite staff.

I managed to snag JE on my second run through Naxx, though only because a very sweet hunter decided to give it to me. Once I leveled up my Druid I began to set up Naxx runs for our alts in the guild. Ulduar was out at the time, but we needed something else to do for a bit, and quite frankly I really wanted this staff for my Druid. First time we ran through, it dropped and I was out rolled by a Hunter. Next week we ran Naxx again, and it dropped A SECOND TIME (enter huge squees here...that sucker had only dropped once in all the months I raided that place with my Shaman) and upon rolling, I once again lost to a Hunter. He was incredible though, and said "Here Sazzy, you can have it." So I managed to get my favorite staff that I had lusted over all through Naxx (my Druid may have been a baby through most of Naxx's peak raiding time, but I still loved that staff!) and I will forever be thankful to that one Hunter for being so sweet.

Second favorite staff I've acquired thus far would have to be Twisted Visage. I managed to get this bad boy on my first run through Ulduar 25. A PuG run none the less! I was over the moon, and I used that staff for PvP well to the end of Wrath (hey, I needed hit and wasn't able to get my kitty paws on a proper PvP staff).

There are of course numerous other amazing weapons that I have stashed away across various toons that I've failed to mention, and there is a fairly amazing assortment that I have yet to discover. For now though, the weapons mentioned above hold very special places in my heart.


  1. Uh you forgot Benediction/Anathema. Any weapon that transform itself into another weapon is kick ass in my opinion.

  2. I totally did, fail. I don't even know where my screen shots of my Benediction are stored. Double fail.