Tuesday, March 22, 2011

20 Days of...The Reason Behind Your Blog's Name (Day 7)

What's really in a name? A name can represent anything really; a person, a place, an idea, a vision, or nothing in particular. It can be something that defines a subject or may simply just be a word used to identify something. On day seven of her survey Saga asks the blogging world "What is the reason behind your blog's name?"

When I began this blog, I didn't have a name in mind at all for this site. As you can see in the web address, currently my domain is serenitysaz.blogspot, not worldofsaz.blogspot. When I began this blogging questline I had no intentions of becoming an actual blogger. It wasn't until I began toying with the idea of consistently blogging and managed to stumble across Blog Azeroth did I even begin considering a name for my little corner of the internet. I was a noob, and BA was a wealth of information. I found myself very much wanting to be part of that community, as well as becoming a member of the blogging community at large. You see, this community is pretty neat. I saw that, and I wanted to join in.

At Blog Azeroth they have an Author Introductions thread (I suggest visiting that thread if you're looking for brand spankin' new bloggers to check out!) and what was the first thing that I noticed? Why, all these blogs have names! One of the many things I had simply neglected to think about while I was beginning to set up shop.

I gave myself less than 24 hours to think up a name.

Why I was in such a rush, I'm really not sure. I mean, this site wasn't going anywhere. Blog Azeroth certainly wasn't going anywhere. Perhaps it was just my excitement about hopping into this community? I'm really not sure, but the rush to find a name for myself was certainly there.

So I thought, and pondered, and toyed with different ideas. I wanted something related to Booty Bay, since I love that town probably more than any other area in WoW, and even had the tag "Penned from the upstairs room in the Salty Sailor Tavern." for a bit. Needless to say, I was completely stumped. I was trying to think of a title that not only combined my love for Booty Bay, but I wanted something that would also encompass my love for both Enhancement (and occasionally Restoration) Shaman, Feral Druid, and whatever other alts and shenanigans I felt like babbling about on any given day. I didn't want to corner myself topic wise. I mean, I wouldn't hop over to Fluid Druid to find information on Mages any more than I would go over to L2R and expect to find information on collecting.

I'm sure some of you are thinking "Well, you must have stumbled upon World of Matticus and stole his name!" No, actually. At this point in my blogging career, even the great Matticus was but a mere whisper in my realm of things. As I was toying with names, I decided that I more or less wanted to use my Shaman's name as my identity, and thus I thought that her name should be included in the title. I had also been watching World of Jenks quite a bit at that time. For some reason the name of that television show and the idea to use my Shaman's name mashed together and birthed out "World of Saz." Honestly, I wasn't terribly keen on the idea at first, but as previously stated I was biting at the bit to jump into the blogging world officially. My rational was "Well, if I think of something better in the next few days, I'll just simply change it."

As you can see, World of Saz has pretty much stuck. It does the job I currently need it to. It encompasses what I consider my WoW identity, plus it gives me the freedom to explore the avenues that happen to effect my world. It's become a rather fun play on words, I think.

WoS is here to stay. If I feel the need to make a change, I will more than likely just build a new shop in a new corner of the blogosphere, or perhaps over in a different type of community all together. Who knows. Until that day comes for me to move on though, welcome to my world ^_^



  1. Very nice explanation. I can't say mine was as well indepth as yours at The Rusty Blade but I like what you had to say. Now if only I could get some cool backgrounds on my blogspot like yours lol.

  2. Thanks a bunch : )

    Backgrounds are pretty easy. Mine is just my Shaman chillin' out in Storm Peaks. If you're unsure how to go about adding your image, just do this.

    Design -> Template Designer -> Background -> Upload your Image, I have "Don't Tile" chosen and "Scroll with Page" is unchecked -> Apply to Blog

    There's a ton of options to toy with, and it took me a few different layouts before I found the color scheme/set up I wanted. If I can do it, anyone can!

  3. @Saz Thanks so much for the tip, when I get some time this weekend I'll experiment with it. Appreciate the tips and have a great day!

  4. No problem at all. Good luck with the blog tweaking and have a great day yourself!