Sunday, March 20, 2011

20 Days of...Your Workplace/Desk (Day 6)

Another portion of Saga's 20 Days of... quest. Yup, I'm calling it a quest now. A quest to actually finish all 20 days of her survey! If you're curious about who this Saga is, or what she does, please check her out at her blog Spellbound.

Day 6 is supposed to be all about my workplace and/or desk. I really wish I had something epic to show you, but unfortunately my desk is half destroyed and sitting in my boyfriend's mom's garage, which is located somewhere deep in the woods of the Upper Peninsula. Honestly, I'm not even quite sure where exactly my desk is located, but the possession is at least correct. I suspect I will probably never see my beloved desk again...

So, since I am desk-less, I cannot show you all my lovely collection of random items that I had often liked to keep on said desk. This desk you see, it had shelves. Matter of fact, you could close it up and it looked like a one of those fancy giant cabinet things that you can hide televisions in. It had a side that pulled out, with much shelving storage, plus it added extra desk space. It had two upper doors that pulled out that stored copious amounts of CD cases, had a few shelves, and cork boards. I decorated it with dragon fly lights. It was pretty and just covered with all kinds of nerdy (and frighteningly girly as well...odd for me) items.

Due to this predicament, I am currently using my lap as a desk, and my trusty couch is my desk chair. It's not always comfortable. Matter of fact, this is a really stiff couch. As I'm sure you've guessed, I'm currently located in the living room. This room of course attracts all kinds of unnecessary distractions - televisions blaring; a little brother that insists on tooting as loud as he can at any chance he can get, and then laughing very loudly about it; people walking in, plopping down, and insisting on talking over that live webcast that I've been waiting all week to hear; little brother walking in and watching everything I do over my shoulder.

I love my family, I really do. It's not so bad having to live back at home for a stint. Seriously though, I need to get my butt in gear and make myself a little office or something. As you can see, my current set up is just asking for distractions!

Anyways, here's a really horrible phone picture of my couch and my horribly crappy lap top that you all have been hearing me complain about.

'Cause I know you're all dying to know whats going on in this set up, have the same image but with arrows and words!

I know, what you're thinking: So epic. So very, very epic.
My set up blows my mind too.


  1. I want an epic pillow too!

    And I'm not sure about the worst laptop in the world.. mine might beat you. I just got a new phone, and I'm not even kidding when I say that my new phone has a more powerful processor than my laptop /facepalm

  2. Haha! I love the pile of headphones. My setup looks very much like yours. Only instead of epic pillow, I have an amazingly soft furry comfy blanket that John is always trying to steal. I also can not keep my pile of headphones on the floor cus the cat will play with them. But they are in a box on a shelf on the end table. Other than that, we have the same desk! Oh, I don't have a smurf cup. I have poka dot cups.

  3. I even have Wicked. Not next to me but on the bookshelf across from me! We spent too much time together I think.

  4. @Saga - Epic pillows are at the store! This one's super firm and I cuddle with it/lean on it daily.

    I'm sure your new phone has more processing power than this thing as well. It probably also has more memory.

    @Lindsay - Smurf cups are slightly more awesome than polka dots, me thinks : P But I'm horribly bias. That particular glass featured Baker Smurf, the one that I have right now has Handy Smurf on it!

    We *almost* spend too much time together. If I get back to Azeroth and we end up like, digging together or something for hours and days on end then yes, we really would be spending too much time together then ^_^