Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Draenei Tail, I Choose You!

It's Wednesday, which means I'm writing about this week's shared topic from Blog Azeroth. Our topic this week is brought to us by Garona from PVE Rogues. PVE Rogues is a very excellent site for all you Rogue-types out there by the way. If you haven't heard of it before, it is well worth your time to give it a look-see. If you'd like to see what others have to say on this topic, watch for the Sunday post over at Twisted Nether.

"What is your favourite race in wow?"

Before I really dig into my personal answer on this topic, I'd first really like to point out the impeccable timing on this shared topic. For the past month or so I've had a poll up on the side of my blog asking folks what their favorite playable race(s) is(are). For a while I had a bit of a concern for out little Gnome footballs (*ahem* friends) but it turns out that at least one person likes them.

Here's a shot of what the poll looks like shortly before it closes. I'll be replacing this image with the final poll in the next few days.

Alright, so what about me? What race or races do I really dig? The answer to this quite frankly a tad bit complicated.

Aesthetically I prefer playing a female Draenei. My Shaman, Hunter, Priest, and Death Knight on Aggramar are all Draenei. Keep in mind that I'm primarily an Alliance player, so the physical attractiveness of some of the Horde genders/races really don't register on my map of preferences. However, if I sit here and think on it hard enough, I do rather like my female Trolls, and the new Goblin gals are rather foxy despite their lack of height. I haven't toyed with Goblins as of yet, but they just *might* give my beloved Draenei a run for their money.

Lore-wise I tend to favor the elves, both Night Elf and Blood Elf alike. Granted I've been working on a lot of side project, elven-based story lines over the past several months, so that just may be a product of over saturation of the elven culture. I have developed a great love for Night Elves over the years despite the females having the desire to bounce in a ditsy fashion, so they have definitely moved up on my list from the "Errrrrg, I hate Night Elves." to "I guess these guys don't look so bad. Interesting twist: they have been noble twats in the past...intriguing." Or something along those lines. Hmm, let's just go with the fact that they have some interesting dynamics going on. Yeah, that's it!

Brain-farts whilst trying to explain something and then being unable to recover from it (ie revising and being able to hide the brain-fart trail so people don't think that you stink at this whole writing game) are excellent, no?

Saz's conclusion to the question of the week:
I love almost all of the races to some degree. Each have their own look, vibe, and have an interesting story to tell. I find it to be very difficult to simply choose one race to favor above the rest since all races have something different to offer. It's true that I tend to gravitate towards Draenei simply because they have that sexy, irresistible waggle when they run, prefer Night Elves as my Druids of choice over the alternatives, and attempt to avoid Gnomes at all cost simply because I have a hard time dealing with being so short (plus if I had a nickle for every time a male Gnome has looked up my skirt, I'd be bloody rich), I still hold a certain love for all races. Even those smelly Undead. I kinda like them too.


  1. What I find interesting from your readers is that since Cata has come out, there seems to be a low level of Worgen players. Same for the Goblin as a whole when you consider the amount of coding that had to have gone in for these new races. Of course this is only a cross section of your fan base and doesnt necessarily hold true for the total WoW player base. It is still interesting to think about. For me, Alliance side it's humans, then Night Elves. For Horde side its Orcs, then Goblins. The Blood elf is interesting but with little change post cata, I'm not as impressed.

  2. I like your Draenei waggle baby.

  3. @Mhorgrim - It does seem a bit odd that the Worgen and Goblin numbers are a bit low. Perhaps people just haven't grown attached to them as of yet? I've noticed quite a few of both on the official forums, so perhaps my followers/viewers are just of the old school variety.

    @Lindsay - I like yours too, sweet thang ; )