Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Rack: White Wedding

The Rack is another collector's installment here at World of Saz, and it's the sister column to Hoarders. While I'd love to simply add in collectible gear to Hoarders: Azeroth Edition, there's just too much of it! The Rack shall have it's own little corner of my blog because of this, and shall be a weekly/bi-weekly/whenever I can get it in publication. Enjoy!

I have a confession: I'm not a role player, but I've always been a huge sap for those videos of folks getting hitched in Azeroth. I don't even much care for weddings in real life, but somehow virtual weddings hit a soft spot in me. So, even though role playing events are something outside of my experience, I wanted to put together a mini collection of ideas for an Azerothian wedding.

*Runs off to be a sap in a corner somewhere*

::The Brides::
Bride 1: Chest - White Woolen Dress, Feet - Slippers of High Honor, Hand - Simple Wildflowers
Bride 2: Chest - White Wedding Dress, Shirt - Common White Shirt, Feet - Slippers of High Honor, Hand - Bouquet of Black Roses
Bride 3: Chest - Mooncloth Robe, Shirt - White Swashbucker's Shirt, Feet - Slippers of High Honor, Gloves - Handwraps of the Incarnate (Priest Only)

Bride (Alternative) 1: Chest - Black Velvet Robe, Feet - Dress Shoes, Gloves - Heroes' Handwraps of Faith (Priest Only), Hand - Black Rose
Bride (Alternative) 2: Chest - Simple Black Dress, Feet - Dress Shoes, Gloves - Gloves of the Blood Prince, Hand - Simple Wildflowers

::The Grooms::
Groom 1: Head - Lord Walden's Top Hat, Chest - Mankrik's Old Wedding Garmets, Legs - Black Tuxedo Pants, Feet - Dress Shoes
Groom 2: Head - Noble's Monocle, Chest - Black Tuxedo Jacket, Shirt - Tuxedo Shirt, Legs - Black Tuxedo Pants, Feet - Dress Shoes

::The Bride's Maids::
Bride's Maid 1: Chest - Elegant Dress, Feet - Sandals of Summer, Hand - Spring Flowers
Bride's Maid 2: Chest - Robes of the Exalted, Feet - Slippers of High Honor, Hand - Terokkar Lilac

Alternative Bride's Maid's Dresses: Alanaa's Embrace, Elegant Robes

::The Priests::

Priest 1: Chest - Arcane Robe, Shirt - Stylish Black Shirt, Feet - Dress Shoes
Priest 2: Chest - Gown of the Last Priestess, Feet - Ameth'Aran Sandals, Hand - Book of Many Blessings
Priest 3 (Monk): Chest - Archmage Robe, Shirt - Brown Linen Shirt, Feet - Knitted Sandals, Hand - Book of Binding Will
Priest 4 (Priestess): Chest - Robe of the Archmage, Feet - Blue Suede Shoes, Hand - Runed Silver Staff
Priest 5 (Voodoo): Chest - Robes of Heavenly Purpose, Hand - Zabra's Misplaced Staff

Gold Wedding Band
Miniscule Diamond Ring
Cubic Zirconia Ring
Flawless Diamond Solitaire
Silver Piffeny Band
The Rock
The 1 Ring

Lei of the Lifegiver
Beautiful Wildflowers
Simple Wildflowers
Suntouched Flowers
Darkmoon Flower
Spring Flowers
Bouquet of Black Roses
Bouquet of Ebon Roses
Bouquet of Red Roses
Bouquet of Orange Marigolds
Bouquet of Scarlet Begonias
Bouquet of White Roses
Black Rose
Red Rose
Penelope's Rose (No longer available)
Terokkar Lilac

Things to Throw
Handful of Rose Petals

Diamond Tipped Cane
High Society Top Hat
Other Monocles

There are a multitude of other item combinations that you could potentially use for your wedding that I have not listed here. If you would like more ideas, definitely check out Kirina's Closet. There are some amazing ideas over there, and it's certainly worth your time to take a gander at that site if role playing is your thing, and/or you're interested in partaking in a wedding event.

If you happen to have a wedding and send the videos of said event my way, I cannot make any promises as to what my reaction will be.

*Puts tough girl face back on*

That's all I have for this edition of The Rack. I hope you enjoyed it, and I shall see you soon for another installment! Now stop reading this and go dress yourself up all pretty!

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