Saturday, March 12, 2011

20 Days of...Favorite Item(s) in Game (Day 5)

This here is yet another installation of the 20 Days of... project, brought to life by the lovely Saga over at Spellbound.

You know, for a hoarder of random WoW items, this topic is both loaded and slightly torturous. I mean, how on earth am I supposed to narrow down my favorite items?! I'm really unsure how I will pull this off, but I shall do my best to narrow down my choices.

My absolute, most favorite items in this game would have to be my mounts. I positively adore my mounts. I love collecting them, I love riding them, I love trouncing about on mounts that not everyone necessarily has. Honestly, it's kind of irking me that I've fallen so behind on mount collecting in Cataclysm. Rest assured that this will be one of the first things I rectify once I get back to Azeroth.

The next items in the line of favorites would have to be my companion pets. They're adorable, they're useless, and I can't help but collect them. Again, it's kind of tweaking me in the wrong way that I've fallen so far behind with my collecting now that Cataclysms is out. Again though, I shall be fixing this as soon as I get my virtual plane ticket back to Azeroth.

After the mounts and pets, my next favorite collectibles would have to my tier gear. I love the designs on most of the Shaman gear (boohiss ToC gear), and I can't help but obsessively collect it. The need to collect tier sets began with T4, and was solidified with T7. I must say though Skyshatter is by far my most favorite set to date, despite me never getting a piece of it back in BC.

Now, as far as actual, stick-it-in-your-bag items go, I have two favorites: my World Enlarger and my Orb of the Sin'dorei. I tend to pop these two items together pretty much any chance I get. More often than not, if you manage to see a video of me in a raid healing on my Shaman, I will be a mini Blood Elf. That's just the way things are.

I also have the orb on my Druid, just because it is that epic.

There you have it, I guess. That's more or less as good as it's going to get with the whole "narrow down your favorites and tell us what they are" situation. I'm really just too much of a collector, and I love all the junk I have. It's a sickness, and it really can't be helped much. I tend to embrace my inner hoarder, do you?


  1. I absolutely love mounts and pets, sadly none of the really rare ones ever seem to drop for me - which is thoroughly frustrating!

    I also like to hold onto the dresses and accessories from the various holiday events. And tier sets.. and.. and.. well, needless to say, my bank is fairly full ;)

  2. I feel your frustration. My luck is really random. I had 200 some odd runs through Stratholme before I got my skeleton horse, but it took me under 10 to get my Kara horse. Bloody RNG...

    I have a ton of holiday clothes as well, but not so many dresses sadly. Just no room! Tier/weapons take bank space priority, so all the super fun excess gear usually must be passed on : (