Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nitro Boosts and Saronite Bombs

This week's shared topic over at Blog Azeroth is brought to us by Ama of Specced for Drama.

What is your favorite profession and why?


I'm inclined to say that if I so happened to be playing right now, my favorite profession would probably be Archaeology. What can I say, I'm a sucker for painful professions and their achievements (have you seen my Salty title?), grinding out items with horrible drop rates, and anything that keeps my idle hands busy earns a big plus in my book.

Since I haven't actually experienced Archaeology first hand yet - only vicariously through friends and the interwebs have I felt the pain of trying to farm for the Crawling Claw or felt my world destroyed by Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds - I suppose I shall choose my known favorite profession.


Why do I love Engineering? In real life, I like to tinker. I like figuring out how things work. I come from a family of handy folks and mechanics. Grabbing a wrench in game and building a Chopper just makes sense to me. I also had a long running joke about chickens with an old friend of mine back in BC...and if you ever dueled him or came against that little Dwarf Shadow Priest in a BG chances are he would sick his hordes of Gnomish Battle Chickens on you. Seriously, if you saw him running up to you and you just so happened to be Horde, you have found yourself chickenified. Cluck!

Between sweet looking goggles, bombs, wormholes, and things that makes things larger in the world (bigger is better, or so I hear), you really can't go wrong with Engineering. Unless of course your rocket boosts fail when you're trying to run out of a group while wearing a debuff of doom. Also, being the gravity-prone klutz that I am on my Shaman, my parachute has come in mighty handy and has saved me several repair bills.

Really, I could go on and on about how much I love this profession. I absolutely, positively adore this profession. There's just so my random crap - *ahem* I mean useful items - that you can make with Engineering, I honestly think that anyone who is a hoarder at heart would have a difficult time passing this profession up.

I may just like it cause things tend to blow up.

Shoulda been born a Gnome Shaman. At least I got the electrical issues covered.

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