Sunday, March 27, 2011

20 Days of...10 Things Unknown About Me (Day 8)

More goodness from Saga. Title says it all, so I'll keep the intro short and get right into it!

1) I am in fact a real life female ginger. Not the freckled scary version that haunts the nightmares of anyone who has ever watched that Ginger Kid episode of South Park, but I am one none the less. Daywalker I believe is the term. The state of my soul is debatable.

2) My pets? Why I have dog who is a  black lab/mix named Cody, and he's a complete dumbass. I also have nine female degus. WTF is a degu you ask, and why on earth do I have nine of them? Basically a degu is the squeaky toy version of a chinchilla. Essentially there was a humping incident, and the two females and the one male I began with multiplied by a lot. I learned to sort them quite well after that. Someday I will do a vlog and I shall show you my degus. I also used to have a bunch of pet rats. My favorite was named Templeton, and he usually slept on me as I played WoW.

3) I have an odd wealth of knowledge about piercings, tattoos, and dreadlocks. It was an obsession of mine once upon a time.

4) My face only contains one dimple. Awkward.

5) Once upon a time I was actually fairly decent at drawing, now I even struggle with stick figures. Not quite sure what happened there.

6) I have multiple choice test taking hax. Seriously, there were tests that I took in college that I had no idea what the material was even on, but I usually scored high regardless. My gut instinct wins.

7) My writing process is thus: Bounce around on the internet. Think of topic. Click "New Post" on blogger. Stare at page. Check Twitter. Talk on AIM. Go back to blogger. Stare at blinking cursor. Check Twitter again, maybe Youtube. Talk on AIM. Go back to blogger, and actually start writing. Four and a half hours later, the post is done! It's a wall of text. Read through, adjust. Post. Reread. Catch errors. Fix errors. Repeat 5-10 times. Give up and go to bed. Efficient? Hell no. Effective? I guess...

8) I hate most vegetables. I really only like peas. On occasion I will however eat corn. Are baked brown beans a veggie? If so, I occasionally will eat those as well. Just not by themselves.

9) My favorite color is green.

10) I'm a closet old school Pokemon fan, and I really dislike all these lame new Pokemon that I don't recognize.

Yup. Random.



  1. ROFLMAO! Saz I gotta hand it to you, your humor and entertaining spirit just made my day. Have a good one!

  2. /bows

    Why thank you, thank you. I'll be here for quite a while! ^_^

    Have a great day yourself, Mhorgrim!