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Hoarders: Azeroth Edition - Coin Purse

"Honey, can you hold my purse?" I'm sure this is any man's most absolutely favorite question in the whole wide world. He better hang on tight to his significant other's purse though if she just so happens to be a hoarder. By hoarder I mean collector. Yeah, just a simple collector. A coin collector.

Why someone would actually carry around their coin collection in a purse is beyond me, but I'm just going with it. Maybe she really likes the slots at the casino? Hmmm. Let's try to start that intro again, shall we?

Hi, and welcome to this week's Hoarders: Azeroth Edition! Every Thursday Saz compiles a list of fun and collectible items found only in Azeroth (okay, occasionally Outlands as well) and babbles on like a silly buffoon. This week shall be about coins and the sacks you can put them in! For some reason that just sounds dirty...

There's Gold in That There Fountain
- Anduin Wrynn's Gold Coin "I wish I could grow up, it feels like I've been 10 for years."
- Archimonde's Gold Coin "I wish to know how you survived my wrath, little fountain."
- Arthas' Gold Coin "Already, I have a kingdom in my prospects, a land to rule. What to ask for? Perhaps a frozen scone..."
- Arugal's Gold Coin "I wish someday to retire to my own tidy little estate, with a bunch of pet dogs to keep me company."
- Brann Bronzebeard's Gold Coin "Brann Bronzebeard was here."
- Chromie's Gold Coin "Just once, I wish someone would greet me without making a stupid joke about gnomes or time travel."
- Kel'Thuzad's Gold Coin "Sometimes...I wish someone would come along and just give me a big, long hug."
- Lady Jaina Proudmoore's Gold Coin "Arthas, my love, please come back to me."
- Lady Katrana Prestor's Gold Coin "Listen, little wishing fountain. You'll give me all your power if you know what's good for you."
- Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider's Gold Coin "That young apprentice Jaina is quite attractive for a human. I hope she recognizes my elegance and power."
- Sylvanas Windrunner's Gold Coin "I hope my sisters and I can grow up and get married together. This coin appears to be very old."
- Teron's Gold Coin "Wishes are a fool's past time. Take this coin as payment for your precious Eye."
- Thrall's Gold Coin "Grom, may you rest well, old friend."
- Tirion Fordring's Gold Coin "It is my wish that my dear Taelen will grow strong enough to defend the people he cares for."
- Uther Lightbringer's Gold Coin "Young Arthas must learn patience to temper his power. I will pray that he one day learns how to lead with care rather than force."

Silver in the City
- A Peasant's Silver Coin "I'm so forgetful! I wish I had a better memory. Wait, didn't I already throw a coin in here?"
- Aegwynn's Silver Coin "I really wish you mages would get your heads out from inside your own...books."
- Alleria's Silver Coin "May my sisters realize their full potential, the name Windrunner known as a result of their deeds."
- Antonidas' Silver Coin "Grant me the strength to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."
- Arcanist Doan's Silver Coin "Oh, why don't you notice me? Abbendis, I would follow you anywhere. I wish you would notice me..."
- Fandral Staghelm's Silver Coin "The War of the Shifting Sands...I wish I could forget it ever happened."
- High Tinker Mekkatorque's Silver Coin "How does this fountain even work? I wonder if I could make one."
- Khadgar's Silver Coin "Turalyon and Alleria, wherever you are, may you be well."
- King Anasterian Sunstrider's Silver Coin "I hope that young Kael'thas realizes the he must one day lead our people."
- King Terenas Menethil's Silver Coin "May my son Arthas act in the best interest of his people."
- King Varian Wrynn's Silver Coin "I wish the uprising back at home would settle itself soon. I wouldn't want anyone hurt."
- Maiev Shadowsong's Silver Coin "Where's Illidan?"
- Medivh's Silver Coin ""
- Muradin Bronzebeard's Silver Coin "May the Holy Light protect us on our expedition to the frozen north."
- Prince Magni Bronzebeard's Silver Coin "I hope that my father and brothers outlive me. I'll not make much of a king."

A Penny For Your Thoughts
- A Footman's Copper Coin "Wish I had that cousin of mine's duty to do nothing more than lug wood around carelessly..."
- Alonsus Faol's Copper Coin "One day, I hope to spread the path of the Light to the common people and teach them the value of the Three Virtues."
- Ansirem's Copper Coin "I wish for happiness and acceptance for my daughter. She feels so out of place here..."
- Attumen's Copper Coin "Can I have a more comfortable saddle? My hindquarters ache."
- Danath's Copper Coin "I hope a Troll dies, right...NOW."
- Dornaa's Shiny Copper Coin "I wish that jerk Arthas would fall into a pile of magnataur doody!"
- Eitrigg's Copper Coin "May Tirion's quest here in Northrend end with success, or may he die honorably in battle."
- Elling Trias' Copper Coin "Being a rogue is hard work. Someday I hope to pursue my life's one true passion..."
- Falstad Wildhammer's Copper Coin "I hope I end up in another book eventually."
- Genn's Copper Coin "Pah, the fountains in Gilneas could grant ten times as many wishes as Dalaran's!"
- Inigo's Copper Coin "I wish I had my father back..."
- Krasus' Copper Coin "My prayers go out to my brothers and sisters who still suffer in the heart of Grim Batol. I WILL free them."
- Kryll's Copper Coin "Boom. Now boom? I wish for boom. Boom go! This coin must be broken, I wonder if it'll explode."
- Landro Longshot's Copper Coin "I wish I'd kept that coin..."
- Molok's Copper Coin "Just once -- that's all I ask for, once -- let the lass ride with me..."
- Murky's Copper Coin "I wish the water in Northrend wasn't so cold, it makes me sleepy."
- Pincess Calia Menethil's Copper Coin "I hope that handsome nobleman Lord Prestor notices me! He's so dreamy!"
- Private Marcus Jonathan's Copper Coin "I wish to grow a glorious, bushy mustache someday."
- Salandria's Shiny Copper Coin "Someday, I'm gonna be more powerful than all of these mages!"
- Squire Rowe's Copper Coin "I hope I can get transferred out of Stormwind eventually and see Cersei again. Nothing good ever happens in this city."
- Stalvan's Copper Coin "You mages fail to provide me that which hastens the inevitable fate of two people in love, when only one is too naive to see it. I wish you all ruin."
- Vareesa's Copper Coin "Asto're da shan're. Turus Fulo Il'amare, A'Talah Adore. Isera'duna..."

Titanium Seal of Dalaran - All of the coins mentioned above are fished up in the fountain near the Alliance Inn in Dalaran. Once you collect all of the coins (you may vendor them after fishing them up) and gain each of the three achievements (There's Gold in That There Fountain/Silver in the City/A Penny For Your Thoughts) you will complete the achievement The Coin Master and be awarded the Titanium Seal of Dalaran. This coin can be "flipped" and will result in either a heads or tails.

Coin of Ancestry - They're kind of like Pokemon; if you collect them all, you get achievements! 1/5/10/25/50 They are also used as currency for some fancy items, such as threads that will make you look fly and things that go BOOM! and are sparkly. Collect them from your local elder during the Lunar Festival.

Fortune Coin - Summons up a piggy. No longer available.
Golden Pig Coin - It's a gold piggy. You have to live in China to get it.
Silver Pig Coin - It's a silver piggy. Again, you have to live in China to get it.

A Sack of Coins - Open it! It contains the next item on the list.
Old Moneybag - A 6 slot inventory bag. Sadly there's no money left in it.
A Bulging Coin Purse - Someone used to give this to you, and it was full of money! Whoever used to give it out must have gone broke though, for this item is no longer in game.
Fat Sack of Coins - Find them in the Relic Coffers in Blackrock Depths. Yes, it is full of coinage.
Small Sack of Coins - Find these in the Relic Coffers of Blackrock Depths as well. Not quite so full of coinage, but there's a little in there!
Very Fat Sack of Coins - Dropped by Sultan Oogah in Uldum. Contains a few coins to line your pocket with!
Penny Pouch - A pouch that's only big enough to fit a single penny.

Corpse Tongue Coin / Corpse Tongue Coin (Heroic) - Coins. They make you lucky, and more likely to dodge! Comes from ICC lootship.
Coren's Lucky Coin - Again, a coin to make you lucky enough to dodge a bad guy's attack. Unlucky for those of you who do not have one yet, for they are no longer found in game.

Vendor Trash
Solid Gold Coin - Comes from a Bag of Fishing Treasures, and sells for a gold! How fitting.
Ancient Coin - Comes from a Bag of Fishing Treasures, and vendors quite nicely.
Bracelet of Jade and Coins - Archaeology trash stuffs. Vendors gud.
Coin from Eldre'Thalas - More Archaeology trash stuffs.

Bloodscalp Coin
Gurubashi Coin
Hakkair Coin
Razzashi Coin
Sandfury Coin
Skullsplitter Coin
Vilebranch Coin
Witherbark Coin
Zulian Coin
These coins were once gathered from the raid Zul'Gurub and turned in for reputation with the Zandalar Tribes. While Zul'Gurub has ceased to be a raid, and the Zandalar have vacated their island and are no longer to be found currently by players, the coins have remained in game.

Venture Coin - "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Was once a PvP currency in Wrath of the Lich King. The quests that awarded this item now instead award Honor Points.

Weather-Beaten Coin - Dropped by "Good-Boy" Bruce in the Cape of Stranglethorn. Begins a quest.

I believe that's it for this round my friends. Now go out into the world and collect those coins! Just be sure to hide your collection well, for I hear that dragons are rather fond of treasures such as these. I also hear that there's one rather large dragon currently running a muck currently in Azeroth, melting everything in sight.

Happy hoarding!

World of Saz 2011


  1. Goodness, never saw so much interesting hoardings of coinage! Nice list, keep up the good work!

  2. So...many...shiny...coins...

    Thanks hun, I shall do my best ^_^

  3. LOVE your hoarders guides. I mean, information for collectors :)

    You missed the Penny Pouch here!

  4. I suppose I did! I'll have to slide that one in here. Though the Penny Pouch was definitely not left out in 'My Sack, It's Gigantique', which was the follow up post to this one (gotta have a place to store your coins, right?).

    I'm glad that you enjoy Hoarders! That's always a great thing to hear : D