Sunday, May 15, 2011

20 Days of...What Upsets Me (Day 14)

Oh, hello 20 Days of challenge, it's been a while again! I suppose I could babble a bit about this day's topic. I have the time and the drive, so let's roll up our sleeves and get into it, shall we?

There are several things that upset me both in real life and in Azeroth. Much of the time the things that will set me off are much the same in both worlds. While the faces in Azeroth may be composed of pixels, the actions and words of those pixels come from living, breathing people (unless they're bots...or people who have the emotional capacity of a teaspoon who which may as well be considered bots). Can you see where my scattered train of thought is going with this as of yet? That's right, generally the things that upset me have to do with people. Surprised? I didn't think so.

E-peening - This act drives me up the wall. I can understand excitement of finally hitting the top of the meters, replacing your last blue item with a heroic piece of raid gear, to the immense glee you get when you finally get that rare mount. That type of "gloating" is completely acceptable in my book. What gets my gears grinding is when someone achieves one of these things and won't drop it. They insist on rubbing everyone's nose in the fact that they got x item, or did y amount of DPS, or "carried" a heroic dungeon when they're in full epics and most of their fellow heroic goers are half in greens. I don't care if you have heroic raid gear, I'm not raiding. I don't care if you just blew some dudes damage out of the water, chances are if I had the gear I'd give you a run for your money. Go ahead and try to rub my nose in some raid achievement your scrubby guild just accomplished, I'm not raiding and I couldn't give a damn less. E-peening doesn't accomplish anything other than pissing off people who are trying to have a good time at their own pace and making yourself look like a total wanker. If you're one of these e-peen types, please come back down to Earth, the lack of air up in the sky is killing off your brain cells.

Ass Hat-isms - The afore mentioned e-peening can definitely fall under this catagory, but ass hat-isms expand beyond e-peening. I hate seeing people going out of their way to make others miserable. Griefing, ninjaing, always upsets me to hear stories of people doing this to others, or to even have it happen to myself. I've never fully understood how making someone feel terrible about themselves makes someone feel good about themselves. We've all said terrible things about someone at some point, I'll completely admit that I've even gotten a bug up my butt and have said some nasty things in my day, but the guilt afterwards has always been immense. So yes, it always upsets me to witness someone making someone else's day terrible. You know how they say you'll get more bees with honey? Well, maybe you'll have less shitty days if you stop being such an ass to good people. Hmm, perhaps I'll have to rethink and reapply that analogy at some other point.

There are of course many other things that upset me, but these are probably the two that I come up against the most both in WoW and in the real world. Now that I've ranted I shall get off my soap box and go on to do some fun, positive things : P


  1. Oh, asshats is definitely something that grinds my gears. If someone is performing sub-par in a Heroic group or something, I don't understand why people can't come with helpful comments rather than snide ones.

    It's one of the things I really hate about doing random dungeons. You meet some great people sometimes - but you also meet a lot of .. not-so-great people.

  2. I know I shouldn't. I honestly do. But it is just fun to spam my Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds. I mean, of all people...the Priest had to get it. I think it is funny to see how many actually end up hating me for it. The Professor in me just has spam it in other's faces. I will never stop and I hope you are okay with this. Since we are in the same guild(s).

  3. Both are annoying, but there is nothing more satisfying in game then blowing one of those E-Peen players out of the water.

    Had a healer in ZG yesterday that said, stay out of the poison at least six time before the fight started and pointed out how awesome they are in all 372 gear and that even as great as they are they can only carry us so far if we stand in the poison.

    Cut to the chase, the healer died almost instantly, we downed it without a healer because when you avoid the poison, interrupt and have a self healing DK tank, along with a shadow priest doing the rare off heal you do not need a dedicated healer on that fight.

    One of my guild mates that rezzed the healer said, Can I join your guild so I can get carried to all 372 gear too while I die in the poison. (my guild mate usually is very quiet, I think the healers obnoxious banter set him off)

    We were laughing on vent, the healer dropped without saying a word, even passed on the loot.

    Destroying E-Peen people can be a fun sport and they get offended by it 1000% more then anyone else would.

    Thought you might like that story being you hate those people. Enjoy.

  4. @Saga - I really wish I could scoop up and keep some of the amazing people I've come across in randoms. Unfortunately for every one of those awesome folks there seems to be twenty people that make me never want to set foot in a random again. No wonder tanks are in short supply!

    @Linds - No wonder the donkey put a curse on you girl : P L2plate melee already, silly clothy/shamanface!

    @Mr. Grumpy Elf - Gear doesn't mean much if your ego prevents you from performing to your greatest potential, imo. Seems like this healer was a prime example of this. Part of the reason why I on some level having always been a bit handicapped in WoW (poor FPS, generally not the best gear) is that it's always pushed me to perform up to the standards of those who have better rigs and gear than myself. It seems once you "get on top" you lose that drive to better yourself, and just settle to epeening (I think even I suffered from that ego-ism at one point or another). I have to give a little credit to that healer for at least recognizing that he messed up, and actually felt some shame in it. Most folks who would be in his situation would just continue to bash everyone else for their mistakes.