Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hoarders: Azeroth Edition - Don't Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Happy Thursday (okay, due to technical difficulties it is now early Saturday morning) all, it's time for another installment of Hoarders: Azeroth Edition! Not only is Hoarders finally back after an unintentional hiatus, but May is Mounts Month. So get our your gold and polish up that saddle, this week we'll be covering all of the mounts you can purchase after you've repped up with a few factions.

There are many, many mounts to be gained and purchased within World of Warcraft. Well over 200 different mounts are available, and if you'd like to track which one's you have already collected I definitely recommend using the siteWarcraft Mounts. To help you along with your collection though I will be listing the many different ways on how to obtain the pimp mount(s) of your choice. This week we'll be going over all of the mounts you may purchase after you gain an exalted status with a given faction. If you are part of a faction, you may buy the available mounts without being exalted (for an example, if you're a Night Elf you don't need to be exalted with Darnasses to purchase all of the kitty mounts). All of the following factions are rather cut and dry with their rep grind/purchase of their available mounts save for the Argent Tournament mounts. For the AT mounts you must have completed and opened up the vendor for the faction you wish to purchase from, be exalted with said faction (for example, to get the Stormwind Steed you must have both opened up that vendor at the AT grounds plus have Stormwind exalted), and gather enough tokens in which to purchase the mount you're after (items from Baradin's Wardens/Hellscream's Reach also require tokens earned via dailies/Tol Barad wins, there's just no complicated unlocking process once you're exalted with your faction). Everything else is fairly simple with only requiring simple dailies, questing, or wearing a tabard through dungeons.

Now that all that babble is over with, shall we get onto the list? I think so!

Darnassus - Lelanai
Spotted Frostsaber
- Striped Dawnsaber
- Striped Frostsaber
- Striped Nightsaber
Swift Frostsaber
Swift Mistsaber
Swift Stormsaber

Exodar - Torallius the Pack Handler
Brown Elekk
Grey Elekk
Great Blue Elekk
Great Green Elekk
Great Purple Elekk 
Purple Elekk 

Gnomeregan Exiles - Milli Featherwhistle
Blue Mechanostrider
Green Mechanostrider
Red Mechanostrider
Swift Green Mechanostrider
Swift White Mechanostrider
Swift Yellow Mechanostrider
Unpainted Mechanostrider

Ironforge - Veron Amberstill
Brown Ram
Grey Ram 
Swift Brown Ram
Swift Gray Ram
Swift White Ram
White Ram

Stormwind - Katie Stokx
Black Stallion
Brown Horse
Chestnut Mare
Swift Brown Steed
Swift Palomino
Swift White Steed

Bilgewater Cartel - Kall Worthaton
Goblin Trike
Goblin Turbo-Trike

Darkspear Trolls - Zjolnir
Emerald Raptor
Turquoise Raptor
Darkspear Raptor
Swift Blue Raptor
- Swift Olive Raptor
- Swift Orange Raptor

Orgrimmar - Ogunaro Wolfrunner
Black Wolf
- Brown Wolf
- Dire Wolf
Timber Wolf
Swift Brown Wolf
- Swift Grey Wolf
Swift Timber Wolf

Silvermoon - Winaestra
Black Hawkstrider
Blue Hawkstrider
Purple Hawkstrider
- Red Hawkstrider
Swift Green Hawkstrider
Swift Pink Hawkstrider
- Swift Purple Hawkstrider

Thunder Bluff - Harb Clawhoof
Brown Kodo
- Gray Kodo
- White Kodo
- Great Brown Kodo
- Great Grey Kodo
- Great White Kodo

Undercity - Zachariah Post
Black Sketal Horse
Blue Skeletal Horse
Brown Skeletal Horse
Red Skeletal Horse
Green Skeletal Warhorse
- Ochre Skeletal Warhorse
Purple Skeletal Warhorse

Burning Crusade Factions
Cenarion Circle - Fedryen Swiftspear
Cenarion War Hippogryph

Kurenai - Trader Narasu
Cobalt Riding Talbuk
- Cobalt War Talbuk
Silver Riding Talbuk
- Silver War Talbuk
Tan Riding Talbuk
- Tan War Talbuk
White Riding Talbuk
- White War Talbuk

Netherwing - Drake Dealer Hurlunk
Azure Netherwing Drake
Colbalt Netherwing Drake
Onyx Netherwing Drake
Purple Netherwing Drake
Veridian Netherwing Drake
- Violet Netherwing Drake

Sha'tari Skyguard - Grella
Blue Riding Nether Ray
Green Riding Nether Ray
Purple Riding Nether Ray
Red Riding Nether Ray
- Silver Riding Nether Ray

Wrath of the Lich King Factions
Argent Tournament
- Stormwind Steed (Corporal Arther Flew)
- Swift Grey Steed (Corporal Arther Flew)
- Gnomergan Mechanostrider (Rillie Spindlenut)
- Turbostrider (Rillie Spindlenut)
- Exodar Elekk (Irisee)
- Great Red Elekk (Irisee)
- Ironforge Ram (Derrick Brindlebeard)
- Swift Violet Ram (Derrick Brindlebeard)
- Darnassian Nightsaber (Rook Hawkfist)
Swift Moonsaber (Rook Hawkfist)

- Darkspear Raptor (Samamba)
- Swift Purple Raptor (Samamba)
Orgrimmar Wolf (Freka Bloodaxe)
- Swift Burgundy Wolf (Freka Bloodaxe)
Silvermoon Hawkstrider (Trellis Morningsun)
Swift Red Hawkstrider (Trellis Morningsun)
- Thunder Bluff Kodo (Doru Thunderhorn)
- Great Golden Kodo (Doru Thunderhorn)
Forsaken Warhorse (Eliza Killian)
White Skeletal Warhorse (Eliza Killian)

Sons of Hodir - Lillehoff
Ice Mammoth (Alliance)
Ice Mammoth (Horde)
Grand Ice Mammoth (Alliance)
Grand Ice Mammoth (Horde)

Wyrmrest Accord - Cielstrasza
Red Drake

Cataclysm Factions
Baradin's Wardens - Alliance Quartermaster Brazie/Hellscream's Reach - Horde Pogg
Drake of the West Wind (Alliance)
Drake of the West Wind (Horde)
Spectral Steed
- Spectral Wolf

Ramkahen - Blacksmith Abasi
Brown Riding Camel

Tan Riding Camel

There you have it folks, faction reputation mounts. Now go saddle up, rope yourself some hellboar, and roll in style at your local capital city. Just be sure you build an addition onto your barn. Can't be letting your ponies out now! Until next week, keep on that horse hoarders. 

Apologies about the poor formating on this post. I'm still adjusting to the differences in editing on my MacBook (versus my IBM which hardly works) and for some reason I have yet to be able to recognize the garbage HTML that it likes to needlessly add in. Hopefully you haven't noticed anything until this footnote, but if you had, again I'm sorry to make your eyes bleed. Hopefully less horrible mishaps in the future!


  1. Don't forget that the Tol Barad factions also require special currency - the commendations. Nice list though.

  2. Noted. That had completely slipped my mind, thank you kindly for pointing it out : )