Monday, May 16, 2011

20 Days of...My Desktop Background (Day 15)

Gasp! I'm doing another 20 Days of entry already? You can thank ambition for this, I suppose! Anyhow, day 15 is asking at me to share with you all my desktop(s) background and why I chose what I did. Seeing how I now I have two laptops with two separate personalities if you will, I shall give you a glimpse at both along with the reasonings behind why I use what I do.

Above you see my current background for my MacBook. It changes every now and again, and it's naturally a bit more clean than usual (on a typical day you'd see screen shots and files scattered all over whilst I work on Hoarders or screen shot sorting or what have you). For now it's a pretty shot of Saz on her Blue Dragonhawk chillin' out somewhere in Outlands. I chose it simply because I thought it was pretty, and I'm sure it'll be changed to some other pretty WoW screen shot soon enough.

This shot is an image of my craptop's background. For once it's not something WoW related (I used to do a lot of custom WMV shots that I'd edit into something I felt was neat) and instead is just humorous. This image was linked to me by a friend, I kind of fell in love, and it's been a bit of a joke between myself and my father for a while now. Again the image above is in a much cleaner state than what it usually is, but I figured I'd make it look nice for you all! Yes, I let my start up bar thing auto retract, I like the slightly "cleaner" look that it creates. I used to have the My Computer deal be a retracting bar up top, but I forgot how to make it so after I had to reformat a few times. Needless to say laziness kicked in and I just settled for having a few more icons on the desktop. Four isn't too many, right?

So yes, that's what I'm looking at right now...or not looking at all that often since I'm usually in game or browsing the interwebs!

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