Tuesday, May 10, 2011

20 Days of...People (Players/Bloggers) That I Admire (Day 13)

Why hello, long time no proper blog post, eh? I figured I'd drop by and do 20 Days of... entry to let you all know that no, I have not abandoned my blog, yes I still very much love it, and that I should be getting back to Hoarders: Azeroth Edition/Darkmoon Faire Fridays/The Rack/random babbling soonish. I've just been busy having fun in WoW and have been taking care of some things in real life as well, and unfortunately blogging has slipped to the back burner a bit. Hopefully I'll be back to spamming your feedreaders again soon ; )

Day 13 of this little challenge by Miss Saga is on the topic of players and/or bloggers that I admire. Now, I admire people not just for the apparent reasons, but usually for very minor reasons as well.

The types of players that I admire are not always the unstoppable people you find in BGs, nor are they that badass raider who's numbers and survival skills surpass that of anyone else you may find on your server. Sure, these types of people may very well included in my arsenal of "who is absolutely awesome", but to me they more often than not have what I consider to be the most important qualities. The players that I admire most are the one's that endure the crap in order to hopefully create a better environment for their friends, the one's who will go out of their way to help anyone just for the sake of being helpful and don't hold out their hand, expecting the favor to be returned two fold and then some. I admire the players who deal with the assholes of Azeroth with a grin on their face and have a pleasant "Have a nice day!" and a positive comment for that healer/tank/dps at the end of a heroic that may not have the greatest confidence in their chosen spec yet, and was harshly treated the whole time. I dig the people who will actually attempt to be human beings to each other in a game we all share, instead of being trolls and assholes who care for nothing but themselves. While yes I admire and sometimes even idolize top performance players for their skills, at the end of the day deep down I have to give a good chunk of my unspoken love to those who are just simply awesome people. 

As far as bloggers are concerned, there are a few different aspects that will cause me to admire these mighty fine folks. I have a deep respect and a sense of gratitude towards the fine folks who help out the newbie bloggers; without these people the blogging community would be but a shell of it's currently state of amazingness. I definitely have an admiration for those folks who are able to keep up with their blog roll (mine is rather large at this point, and sadly a bit neglected) and manage to leave comments/participate in conversations/have a little something positive to say. The last type of blogger that I admire would have to be those who have managed to blog through thick and thing. These are the people that kept going even when they were getting trolled, picked themselves back up after they felt themselves to be a bit burnt out, and did what they enjoyed even when people told them that it was "pointless" and was a waste of time.

To all the awesome folks of both Azeroth and of the greater blogosphere, you have my respect and admiration whether you know it (or know that you deserve it) or not. Keep on being fantastic and keep those positive vibes flowing.


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