Saturday, June 4, 2011

So I hurd you like links... I gave you a link to a blog post full of links, so you can link while you browse links.

Before I get into this update post, for this is what this is even if it is now Saturday morning and not Friday evening, I must state that you should not expect any amazing writing in here. I'm having a sleepless Saz night. Sadly it's not one of those "OMG let's be productive!" nights. No, it's just a regular ol' "Hmmm, lets see how many times I can roll around until I become one with my blankets and turn into a permanent burrito." lack of sleep sort of night. I don't even have brain soup this morning, I just have chunks of brain mold...or something. I hope it's not really mold, I'm allergic to that stuff. *Insert look of "where the hell was I going with this" confusion here.* Right, updates.

- New poll up on the side. Click buttons and if you feel the need to discuss the content, go nuts in the comments in this post. I'll be writing on that topic soonish though, so feel free to hold your comments until then as well.
- The Photo Gallery has been updated with some Cataclysm screen shots. Alright, a small handful may also be a bit pre-Cataclysm (there are some shots from the events prior to the release), but the majority are from this expansion.
- Very minor information tweaks have taken place in the About Me section. I'm sure not many of you care about that, but it now sports a poorly lit image of me being ridiculous with a dinosaur (his name is DinoRAWR, btw) know, sans dreadlocks since I brushed those things out months ago now. I also felt the need to prove that I didn't look like a living comic book for some reason.
- Hoarders: Azeroth Edition will be back soon. I'm not sure where to pick up with it right this minute, seeing as though WoWInsider is currently covering mounts in I believe the Over Achiever column and I feel as if though I continue on with my Mounts Month theme that I would just be creating something that was a bit redundant. So, to push on with the theme I unexpectedly abandoned because I got flustered over coding and noticed that someone else was currently covering, or to hold off and just do up a list of another topic for now? Tough call, Batman.

New project: Through Your Interface - Well, the post can speak for itself. Here's the list of folks that I know of so far that have participated in the challenge and of the folks who say they plan to participate in the near future. Check 'em out and give 'em some love, eh?

Revive & Rejuvenate
Jaded Alt
Dwarven Battle Medic
Kamalia et alia
Moonkin Journeys
Red Cow Rise
Tome of the Ancient
Amerence Love WoW

Edit to add:
Postcards From Azeroth
Jaedia's Menagerie
Amateur Azerothian
The Daily Frostwolf - Druid Edition
Unleashed Rage
The Grizzlemaw Gazette
The Ready Check
Bubbles of Mischief

If I miss anyone in this list, please poke me with a big stick. I'll be making a better stand alone post sometime in the next week or two featuring all the folks to let us look at WoW through their eyes.

Saz in Game
Well, after two rather blissful (albeit on occasion, stressful) months in Azeroth I am once again out of the game for a bit. In my short time back I managed to get three of my 80s up to 85, both my shaman and druid could probably be considered almost raid worthy, and I've bumped up a few of the alts up a couple of levels. All in all not too bad on the personal progress scale. Unfortunately there currently isn't a whole lot in the game for me seeing as though raids are not really PuG friendly, my shaman is residing in a dead guild and I have no will to move her, my druid is in a very active guild that I'm really not up to standards to raid with (yet), and over all I'm just having a hard to engaging myself in the "end game content" that is currently offered. I know quite a few of my crew members are also feeling the summer doldrums a bit, so a few weeks time away from our beloved pixelated selves is probably a good thing in the long run. At least I think and hope so.

Things aren't too bad all in all. Health is improving, summer is more or less here, and there very well may be some pretty fun events going down in the fall. I really don't have any complaints other than I wish I was still in the habit of writing a bit more. That one complaint is a work in progress though. I can and WILL start writing again, one way or another.

I think that's enough useless babble for now. I hope you all have an excellent rest of the weekend!


  1. My answer to the poll is actually, "Just come back from a 3 month break because I was COMPLETELY burnt out and now I'm all refreshed and loving the game again! :D" Incase it's helpful for your post ^^

  2. That is quite helpful, thanks Jaedia : ) Glad to hear that you're loving it once again!

  3. Not sure if it's worth linking to my TYI posts here, if it's on the main page, but just in case :)

  4. I've honestly been horrible about keeping this list up to date. However, you have been added!