Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rabble Babble

I'm in a hardcore writing dry spell right now, but for some reason I feel like babbling for a few minutes. Indulge me, eh?

First things first, I'm kind of sort of postponing any more installments of The Rack simply because my computer was attacked by a virus, and now I have to once again muscle WoW Model Viewer into working. I pretty much struggle every time I go to update or reinstall WMV for some reason, and since I'm not in game (nor will I be anytime soon sadly) I have no other way to put together gear sets or outfits in general. I'm a bit bummed about this since I have a pretty decent line-up of articles planned, but right now it's just more of a pain in the butt kind of thing rather than fun. I'll get back to it eventually, I just gotta fix a few other things first.

For some reason I've had no real...urge, I write. I feel dry and uninspired for the most part. I'm trying to get the juices flowing again, but it's hard. It's just all gunked up inside my noggin. I really need to start keeping a pad of plain paper near me for drawing purposes again (while a notebook is nice, especially for writing purposes, the lines just kill sketches). Also, I'm debating if I want to reformat my computer again so I can reinstall all of the old music programs that I had from college. After a 3+ year spell away from music, it really is high time that I start dabbling in that again. Maybe if I can start exercising other elements of creativity I'll feel less drained about writing.

Does any of that even make sense? It doesn't really matter to me right now, I'm just writing to write. Editing and mind flow be damned.

Projects. Projects, projects, projects. I really wish I had a little more to work with (both in ambition and technology) to make them all come to life. So many ideas of mine die before I can even bring them to light; I'm not a fan of that scenario.

Hmm, as a ginger female, I should learn how to rap, right? Makes sense, doesn't it, that probably the whitest person next to an albino needs to learn how to rap. I guess I have some reasoning behind it though. Not only would it be an interesting experience from a musical standpoint, perhaps I'll get less tongue-tied when I'm talking normally. It would be a win-win situation, or something. I also need to get my voice back into some sort of singing shape. Has it ever really been in any kind of proper performance shape? No, but I think at one time there was potential, I was just lazy. Story of my bloody life, being lazy.

I'd really like to eventually do some WoW parodies. I'd rather do WoW machinima, but until the time comes that I can actually do that, parodies may have to tide me over. I have some ideas, I just need to sit down and write them out. I've never been talented as a poet/lyricist, and it's high time that I work on that.

Pffff, I hope I can get back into WoW soon so I can jabber on about WoW-related things instead of rambling about random crap like this. I'm sure the five people I have in my reader base would prefer WoW babblings over "Gee, what should Saz do with all her excess time" posts. Right? Right.

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