Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Computer Got Into the VD Spirit!

So tonight I broke down and made another trial account. Yeah...I came to a few conclusions right quick.

1) Princess has gotten quite a bit bigger than the last time I needed to steal her brass collar.
2) As much as I love my Warlock, I don't think I'll ever manage to level a second. I much prefer my melee classes to the 'locky squish. Really, I got owned by little kobolds three times in a row when I went after Narg the Taskmaster. All I got for my efforts was a little pouch. Not cool...
3) I miss my Shaman and Druid something horrible. I don't feel like myself in this game unless I get to play one of them for a bit.
4) I really do prefer to take a stance when I'm fighting something instead of prancing around, trying to kite the damn bugger. Don't get me wrong, I've grown to love my range classes, but nothing really beats getting physical with your enemies.
5) My computer sucks horribly. Okay, this isn't exactly a new realization, but it was once again reaffirmed.

Speaking of my computer sucking horribly, shortly after I logged off the trial account, I got virus spam city. I had "anti-virus" systems popping up that I never downloaded, porn pages popping up, and all the while my Norton system - which apparently didn't install right in the first place, thus was not working properly - that I did have just sat by complacently. The porn pop up I kind of had to laugh at a bit, especially since I had just wiped my system not 48 hours previous, thus nothing sketchy had been viewed on my computer for some time. Apparently my computer was getting it on with some dirty counter parts without me knowing...dirty dirty information lovin'. All in the holiday spirit, right? Outside of that moment where I smirked a bit, I was just thoroughly annoyed that I needed to wipe my system for the second time in the span of a week. That super awesome music image that I was talking about installing? Yeah, not happening...completely forgot that I had to have my old Uni pin to be able to run any of that. Idea scrapped.

The fun just never stops, does it? QQ

Well, at least now I have a clean system (again) and I have about 9.5 days to teach myself how to mouse drive. I really don't see what all the "keyboarder's are noobs!!!1!" rage is about...I think my hybrid version of keyboard/mouse moving was more efficient with my play style, but I'll give it some time. I'm thinking I may just re-roll a warrior again on the trial instead of keeping up with this darn 'lock. Yes, they're deliciously evil, but it's just not as much fun as whacking at something with an axe : P

Oh, realization #6: leveling really is overly easy/fast now...not that I'm really complaining as chronic altoholic.  It took me about 1.5 hours to hit level 10, and probably would have taken me less time had I not tangoed with the kobolds for so long. Even being super squishy, laggy, and having no heirlooms, leveling is more or less a complete breeze now. Kinda cool.

This weekend I'm going to corrupt my little brother with this trial account. He's going to be insufferable until we manage to get a new computer and get at least my account back up and running, if not get him his own as well. It may prove to be hilarious to watch him play. It may be obnoxious as all get out. I'm kind of excited either way.

Ps. Murlocs still suck -_-


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