Monday, February 28, 2011

20 Days of...Your First Day Playing WoW (Day 3)

Part 3 of Saga's 20 Days of...writing challenge.

My first day of WoW happened many, many years ago. I had been hearing about WoW through a friend of mine at school (at the time it was high school), and I had been really really wanting to try it. So, I finally managed to get my paws on the basic World of Warcraft game, and while installing I was looking at all the available classes in the booklet. I already had a name picked out, but I still needed a character. The undead female in the booklet was rather fetching I thought, for being know, undead.

The install went well, as did the massive amounts of patching (via dial-up none the less), and soon enough I was in! Now, I didn't do the sensible thing and roll a Horde character over by my friend. Oh no, that would have made too much sense! Instead I chose the Sen'jin realm and began to look at all the undead ladies (you know, all one of them). Needless to say, I was somewhat disappointed that none of them were as sexy as the one in the booklet, but I was determined to have an undead female as a character.

After all tinkering, class choosing, and name giving was finished, I had me an Forsaken Rogue by the name of Kaif. I was ecstatic.

I promptly began to run around and kill things, as roguey-types often do. And then I got stealth. Oh stealth, the one thing I had been waiting for! I spent all my time sneaking about, trying to (and failing hard at) get the upper hand on the many mobs in the wilds. More often than not though, I snuck up too close and they ended up seeing me as they walked into me...

I was also incredibly excited to have learned pick pocket. Again, I would stealth around with (not so much) the greatest of ease, and attempt to pick pocket. Now, any experienced rogue knows that more often than not low level mobs don't have anything in their pockets. They know how to turn on auto-loot for such occasions. They know that trying to pick pocket a mob 5-10 levels above them generally isn't a good plan. They also don't sneak up to a mob to the point of spooning. Needless to say, I made for a pretty fail cutpurse. I was killed in the act often.

Shortly after I gave up for a week or two, only to return to roll a slew of characters that were to be neglected until I picked the game up again about a year or year and a half later when Burning Crusade rolled around.

Hmmm...if BoAs ever manage to finally make it account wide, I may have to go pay Kaif a visit for kicks and giggles. There shall be pictures of her if I ever do. Print screen for me wasn't discovered at the time of her shortly played existence after all. Ah noobiness...


  1. I think we all did a lot of noob mistakes at lower levels. I made an undead rogue and an undead priest.. wow did I die a lot as a squishie.

    I do wish they'd make BoAs truly account wide. I'd love to play something on another server sometime, but I'm too lazy to do it without my heirlooms *lol*

  2. Just at lower levels? Psh, I was a hardcore noob for about the span of an expansion : P

    That's my problem too. Without heirlooms I just don't have the get-up-and-go to level up alts on different servers. I have a few different friends on a few different servers that I'd love to play with, but I just don't have the ambition to level characters there, nor do I have deep enough pockets to simply move one of my higher level characters from my main server to another one. Come on Blizz innovation, make BoAs know, actually bind on account!

  3. I'd love to level another hunter or maybe a warlock on a friend's server.. but the idea of me having every heirloom available to them on my home server and not being able to use them drives me nuts *lol*

    Maybe Blizzard isn't allowing us to do it because they want more money from our server transfers? It's all an evil plan!

  4. I have a priest and warlock waiting to be leveled on my friend from high school's server, and a druid hanging out on one of my college friend's just takes too long to level extended alts without heirlooms >.<

    It may very well be an evil plot on Blizzard's part to make us transfer characters loaded up with heirlooms. More money for there pockets and all! That, or they really are just failing at making the cross account technology. I like the evil plot idea a bit more though, I think we should stick with that!