Sunday, October 10, 2010


G4's The MMO Report kind of made me giggle a bit. It's also the MMO Report that I've been waiting on for months now about Cataclysm's release date, but of course I've known for quite a few days now thanks to WoWInsider. I'm kind of enticed by Star Wars: Old Republic despite the fact that I've never been a huge Star Wars fan...perhaps I'll give it a go eventually, just to shake things up a bit.

I saw this video a while back on some of the zone and graphic changes happening in WoW. I'd also recommend checking out Reznik's other videos. He seems to do a lot of, erm, exploiting (which I do not recommend doing), so if you've ever been curious about how GM Island really looks, or what it's like in the unfinished version of the Emerald Dream, take a look at this guy's profile.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of WoW based music. By WoW based I mean that this music is written and/or performed by actual factual WoW players. Some specialize in parodies, some do original works. While I've been a fan of Gigi and Nyhm for quite some time now, lately I've really been getting into Abandonation and especially Sharm. Check these guys out. If you enjoy WoW related media, these folks shouldn't disappoint!

Eventually I'd really like to get into machinima. What is machinima? Well, it's more or less you taking WoW (it's scenery, characters, etc) and turning it into a video. This video may be a music video, or it may have a story base to it much like a normal movie would. There are many talented machinima artists out there, but my current favorite is Quix0tica. Definitely have a look at her work if you're at all interested in WoW machinima.

For a full list of my current youtube favorites, head over here. I'm always looking for new inspiration, so if you have anyone new for me to check out, let me know! And yes, that is my youtube page...hopefully sometime in the next few months it'll contain videos that aren't just favorites, but actually made by me.

Project Update
- Milly has a voice, and it's cute! Hopefully she'll be making her official debut in the next month or so.
- Jenesee didn't get any work done on her today, and possibly won't see any further progress tomorrow either. Updates on her may need to wait a few weeks, depending on how long I'm offline for.
- That's it for right this second. The list may look short, but it's keeping me busy! I'm rather excited about these two projects, and I can't wait to see them develop and see the finished products.

That's all for now!

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