Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Patch 4.0.1

Ahhhh patch day. How I look forward to all of your changes, yet dread how much space you take up.

That's right, today is officially patch day. The new talents system goes live, as does reforging, the changing of stats (ArP -> Crit, Sp -> Int, etc), our spell books will look completely different, we can track multiple things now, and our new glyph system will come into play...along with a very nice list of other things that are being implemented.

While this is all incredibly exciting (really, I think as soon as I can I'm going to go pet farming on my hunter), I'm sitting here wondering about what I can strip from my laptop's memory in order to fit this rather hefty patch. Most of my images have been backed up, so I could easily dump most of that, but I doubt that alone won't come close to giving me the space this patch may require. So far I've pulled out Warcraft III and Warcraft: Frozen Throne (I was nearly finished with Frozen Throne >.<), and even that hasn't given me enough download room. Microsoft Office, I think you're next. Back to the days of relying on Notebook! Sigh. I wonder if there's anyone else who runs on horribly outdated machines (not by choice) that are having to scramble to try to find somewhere to put these epic new changes. Ah well, such is life!

In other news, I'm still online (obviously) and this has let me do a few things. For one, I've been tinkering a bit with Project Jenesee. I haven't been doing any writing in the past few days, but I have kind of worked out how I'd make Jenesee and her sister, Gypsy, look for the story. I'm not 100% on their gear yet, and that may change later on depending on the different gear/gear sets I come across, but I am rather sure on how they look facially in game at least. I've also managed to get Gypsim up to the massive level of 5 in my free time, so I'll have a rather useless armory link up for her in the Jenesee blog soonish! In hindsight I almost wish that I had rolled these two on a role playing server just for interaction with other characters, but Hyjal was just too convenient. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more work done on these two prior to having to finally go offline.

So yeah, babbling. I do it a lot.

Here are the current images of Jenesee and Gypsy. Think more of later on in the storyline, where the actual juicy and entertaining bits will finally come into play!

I really love both of these item sets. I may go for an old(er) school set of 'lock tier for Gypsy, but for now the current tier 10 works well for her I think. I'm sure the gear will change as the story progresses, but for now these are my "official" placeholders, I guess you could say.

Yes, they're gingers. Learn to love it! How can you have a warlock that isn't a ginger? (Ginger love!!!)

*Ahem* Anyways...yeeeah! Hopefully if all goes well, more on the Scepter quest line later on tonight! If not, well, just know that I will be a sad panda. A very, very sad panda. Those book pieces are reeeeally heavy, and by that I mean they take up too much space in my already limited inventory after all. That, and I'd love to see the end of this quest line, pronto ; )

Okay, enough almost pointless babble. Time to strip!
...by that I meant this laptop. Dirty people.

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