Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tier 11

Edit: Now available here at WoS, a full Tier 11 list, complete with images and links!

Here is a preview on some of the tier sets and my opinions on them.

Here we have the Shaman Tier 11 set. Uh...I think we look like Rogues. Wasn't there an old Rogue set that had the spiky shoulders like that? I mean, yeah, it looks cool, I'll happily sport it, but definitely not..Shamany. I'm kind of sad, especially after Tier 10 being so epic.

This is the Druid set. I love the blue one, and I love the visuals that this set gives off. I can't wait to get my Druid into this Tier set, no lies!

I don't have a high level Mage. I don't plan on having a high level Mage. But this? This set?! Absolutely epic! This really looks more like Warlock tier to me, and it's certainly not Magey in any way, but it's a very sick looking set. Out of all the tiers that I've seen thus far, this is definitely my favorite. Mages, be prepared to see a little Draenei following you around, I will be stal...mmm, observing you in an approving manner.

Perhaps at a later time I'll just do a post on all the new tier sets and do reviews, but for now with my limited time, this is what you get : P

So, better post coming soon? Yes, I think so.

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