Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cata Pets!!

Oh oh oh! I know I just did a post, but I just hopped over to MMO-Champion and they had new pets listed!!! These are pets that are unlocked via guild achievements.

Amadillo Pup - reward for Critter Killer Squad (50,000 critters killed)

Dark Phoenix - reward for United Nations (55 exalted reputations)

Guild Herald - reward for Saving for a Rainy Day (100,000 gold from creatures)

Guild Page - reward for Horde/Alliance Slayer (something to do with slaying so many of each of the opposing factions races)

Pebble - reward for Rock Lover (Complete the Lost in the Deeps daily quest in Deepholm 10 times)

Oh man, I'm posting as I'm reading though this's HUGE!!! Check out more here.

I'm ECSTATIC!!! I'm loving the elementals!!! I absolutely adore my little fire elemental that I already have (I missed out on the Frigid Frostling this year), and I'm so very much looking forward to adding all these new little guys to my collection!!

Between all these new little guys, the new mounts, new achievements, trying to get at least two of my 80s to 85 (the shaman and druid will most likely be back to back...I won't be able to support leveling both of the shaman's professions without the income of the druid), hopefully getting into a new guild, and still unsure as to if I'll have a working computer, let alone a connection to the online, it may be spring before I step foot into a raid again. So many new things to see and do! So very very little time. December 7th seems so far away, yet so dreadfully close (depending on which of the two spectrums I'm looking from at the moment).

Needless to say, I am very much excited to see what Cataclysm has in store for us!!

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